Monday, April 27, 2015

Mon, Apr 27, 2015 Oh the anxiety! Oh the joy!

Buenas Dias! 

Wow it has been a week of growing. I truly feel like I have been thrown into the refiner's fire. I've been thinking a lot about how God gives us so many opportunities to change and to be better. Going through those experiences that make us better is definitely not the easiest, but sometimes it is the only way for us to learn what we need to. So my advice...from personal experience of course...when God gives us situations to grow, don't just walk through it. Let it go through you, let it change you. Each day/ each moment is there to make us better. Use those times to become the person God wants you to be. If we do this, we allow God to make a masterpiece of us. In Isaiah 64:8 it says, "But now, O Lord, thou are our father we are the clay and thou our potter and we all are the work of they hand." If we allow ourselves to be molded, even though it's uncomfortable, we will become a work of art. 
Hermana Cobb, Hermana Johnson, Hermana Hoth
Last P-day, we decided to go check out Vancouver City. We got ended up only having like 15 minutes walking the streets. It was still beautiful though. While we were got in traffic on the way home, I found myself looking at all the people walking on the side of the roads. Everything seems to be so different as a missionary, especially the way you look at people. These people seemed to be walking so aimlessly. Though they had purpose in each step, they looked so lost. They're missing something. They are missing the WHOLE point. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to share with people the purpose of life and the way to have everlasting joy!! It truly is amazing to be part of the work of saving souls! one of my refining experiences happened at Surrey Central this week. I was just off doing my thing, talking to people, and nobody would listen. Everyone seemed so hard-hearted. I might sound like a baby, but I just started crying. I told my companions, "There's no way I can do this for a year and a half." My companions comforted me and then out of nowhere this crazy man walks up and starts giving me a pep talk on missionary work. Haha, apparently all of the missionaries know who he is because he loves talking to missionaries. His name is Rav...and wow...he is something else. Haha here's part of his pep talk, "You know...don't let people get you down. THis work stinks and it's hard, but let their words go in one ear and out the other. You know what you have is good, don't let them tell you if it's good or bad. They can take it if they want, but if not, move on." Haha what?? He should probably be baptized...he was way cool.  

Hermanas with Lenin & Rita
MIRACLE!!! Obispo (or Bishop) gave us a referral to a lady named Rita. So we called her last week and she was thrilled to set up a meeting this week. We went to her little Latino Cafe and had a great lesson with her. We really got to know her and explained how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families. She is incredible. Right now her husband is dying from cancer and she is just looking for something to give her peace. I know that she absolutely felt the Spirit and the peace that the gospel brings. We extended the invitation for her to be baptized and she accepted! So we will work with her and be her guides as she prepares to make the huge step in her life! The next day, I was on exchanges in Vancouver again, but my companions were able to visit Rita at her house. A few ward members went with them and gave Rita's husband, Luis, and their daughter a blessing. What an incredible family that has been so prepared!! Rita and Luis came to Sacrament meeting yesterday and loved it! The Lord is really providing people out there to receive the gospel. the funniest thing this week happened at a dinner appointment. A family in the ward invited us over for dinner. When they opened the door, the food smelled amazing! They had made stake, beans, veggies, and tortillas! Everything seemed pretty normal until the mom pulled out a roll of toilet paper and starting hand us like 10 squares for our napkin. Haha...I was dying. Just thinking about it makes me laugh! 

Well...there are so many more miracles that I wish I had time to share...but next time for sure!!! I love you all and truly am so grateful for all of the support! I have you all have a great week!
Love, Hermana Hoth

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mon, Apr 20, 2015 East Indian? Filipino? Chinese? Latino? No se.

Hola everyone,

Haha, our struggle everyday is finding Latino's on the street. So hard...we see lots of East Indians, Filipinos, Chinese people...some even look like they are Latino. It's always so disappointing when they don't speak Spanish. Haha, but we have found a few Latinos lately so that's amazing. The Spanish work is really picking up here in Canada. 

My first Canadian Money!!
Well this week has definitely been a week of miracles. One of my favorite miracles was when we were going through the area book looking at the records of people who had only been taught a few times. On one of the records, it said, "Don't go over...,they're not interested." or "pray before visiting them." Kind of scary, but we felt good about visiting this family. We knock on their door and Rosa and Luis come out! They were so friendly and so excited to see us! They don't really remember meeting with missionaries in Canada before, but they met with them in Peru. They invited us right in to share a lesson with them. They told their 3 boys to sit down, listen, and to be respectful. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the whole time they were nodding and making comments.  Rosa was so nice...she kept saying how she wanted her boys to grow up and be just like us and that she prays for her future daughter in laws every day to be like us. It was so nice for someone to recognize that we are good people and not trying to shove religion in their face. All we want is to invite others to come unto Christ and know for themselves if what we teach is true. I know that all who take the time to do this will know for themselves that it is the truth. And this truth will change your life. After our lesson, Rosa grabbed her little boys hands and said "everything these girls said is true." We were in awe. We found a golden family and hope to meet with them soon. Such a miracle!

These are little things we like to call K POPS. So good!! 

This week I was able to go on exchange with Hermana Wilson and Hermana Williamson in Vancouver! Wow, that city is beautiful!! There was a Canucks hockey game that night so everyone was dressed up for that! It was so fun to teach lessons with those sisters...oh and eat doughnuts from Tim Hortons. Best day of my life. Finally didn't have to eat a sweet potato or avocado. :) 

Finding work is definitely not the easiest in Canada...especially since we are looking for Latinos. I wish more people would understand the sacrifice we are making and let us share what we know is true. Think of it...I'm 19 years old. I left my family, my friends, my home, and everything I've ever known. I did this to come to a strange land for a year and a half. I'm giving all that I have to God right now and to His work. Every thought, every word, every action is dedicated to Him. Everything I do is for Him...but in some way it seems fair because everything God did...He did for us. I'm glad to give my time to the Lord and I pray that all of you will make time for Him in your lives. 

So another miracle this week was Carla. She is from El Salvador and has 5 kids. We found her old teaching record and decided to stop by. Carla loves missionaries and says she's been meeting with them for 2 years now. So we asked her questions just to know where she is coming from and what her beliefs are and we came to find out she doesn't even know what the Book of Mormon is? What?? She had been taught for two years and didn't know what the key to our religion is? Crazy...but....she came to church with her two youngest kids. It was such a miracle to have her come! I can't believe it! She even stayed the whole 3 hours. After church, my companions, and I were able to attend Horacio's baptism. He was taught by the Spanish speaking elders in our ward. During his talk after the baptism he talked about the the Sunday school lessons that the 3 of us taught. My favorite part is that he called us "Muchacha Elderes" haha meaing "young lady elders". Haha so funny. :D

Haha...some of my favorite people to talk to are East Indians. They are always so friendly and also I'm so fascinated by their turbans. By the end of my mission, I'll know how to wrap a's my goal!!;)  But we like to interrupt their little Sikh parties (a bunch of East Indian men playing cards) and talk about the gospel. They are always so happy to talk to us, even though they never want to learn more. Aw well. But at the Newton bus exchange yesterday we go up to a Sikh party and ask how their day is. One says, in an East Indian accent, "Grateful for the sun, for the weather, and for that airplane." Haha. We died laughing. He was way cool...and we really liked his Nike football cleats. The casual look for Sikh men in Canada. 

Haha in Hermana Cobb's words "So we found this super cheap farmers market in Surrey, but we are currently living in Richmond so for P day we are in Richmond. Last Monday we had the great idea to not buy produce on P day and wait to buy produce during a meal break during the week so we could buy it from the cheap farmers market. Well, day after day passed without opportunity to go to the farmers market and we were all slowly withering away hahaha. Literally, at every meal all of us would say at least one of these lines, "I don't want carbs anymore. Nothing sounds good. I don't even like eating anymore. I hate carbs." because it was all we were eating. The last couple meals before finally going to the farmer's market, we were literally eating spoonfuls of peanut butter (and that's all for our whole meal). We went through half of our jar of peanut butter in ONE day." I actually really enjoyed the peanut butter. ;) I'm shocked that I would ever say this, but I was so glad to get some veggies.  

THE VEGGIE HERMANAS!! (Em's Padre made this in honor of her trio :D

One of my favorite moments from this week was when we decided to rock out to Motab in the car. Anyone driving by probably thought we were listening to some awesome rock music. Too bad they didn't actually know were listening to "The Battle of Jericho" or "Down to the River to Pray." So funny. 

One more miracle to share. One Wednesday we decided to do part of our studying in the food court at the mall. We didn't think much of it when we planned it the day before, but then when we got there we realized how weird it was. But we studied away anyways. While we were studying, we noticed two men next to us speaking Spanish! When one of them left, Hermana Cobb started a conversation with him. His name is Mainor and he was amazing to find out that he had been familiar with the church since he was 14. We were able to talk to him about the Book of Mormon and set up another time to meet with him. We told him how the Lord must have know that he needed to meet us..I mean who else plans to study in the mall?? I know that the Lord is so aware of each of us. He gives all the opportunity to hear of His truth. I hope all of you take the time this week to come to know God more...through the scriptures, through prayer, or whatever. I know that He loves you all and has a plan for you. Have a great week!!!


Hermana Hoth

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mon, Apr 13, 2015 ~The Sky is Bigger in Canada~

Hola everyone,

WOW! It has been a crazy full week in Canada! There is always so much to do, and never enough time. But I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing work and share my testimony every single day. People reject me all the time, but all is well because I know that I am sharing the most important message that these people will ever hear. I wish more people would take the time to listen. Haha this week has definitely been a week full of laughter. I love both of my companions so much. They are incredible missionaries and have such powerful testimonies. One of the best parts of being in the trio is the constant laughter!! Haha, we always laugh when Hermana Cobb pulls a pepper out of her purse or when we hear the crunch of a cucumber from the back seat...we like to call these moments "Cobb probs". Haha...and they happen on a daily basis. Haha and for Hermana Johnson...she is obsessed with cats. Why?  I have no idea. But she is pro at making cat noises. Our new favorite thing to do is sing some gospel raps as we are tracting. Haha...yesterday we were doing a nice harmony while knocking on a door. She took a long time to answer the door so we had lots of time to come up with a sweet rap. It went something like, "hey hey hey (all in different pitches) so you should be baptized. this is the truth. your family can be forever so you should be baptized baptized baptized).  Right as we finished the lady opened the door. Hermana Cobb and I looked at each other and lost it. We could not pull ourselves together. So Hermana Cobb had to dismiss herself while I tried my best to testify with Hermana Johson.Canada has the MOST amazing sky ever. It's huge and this week it hasn't been cloudy so it looks like it goes on forever! Golden hour reflecting over the docks, mountains, and trees is amazing!! Oh and Dad, I get to see Whistler (ski resort) lit up on the mountain every night on our drive home! Pretty sweet!!

So yeah, there have been so many miracles this week. One night we were supposed to have two lessons with investigators, but both of them fell through. So we decided to go tracting. We were diligent and tried to find those people on our records without numbers. We went to this place looking for Sara, but Hermana Cobb remembered a different family that spoke Spanish in that same area so we gave it a shot. His name is Guerralla from El Salvador and he really wasn't interested at first, but as we all bore testimony we could feel the Spirit so strong. We were praying our little heart out that his heart would change. It was amazing, we did see his heart change instantly. He began to cry and opened up to us. I have never witnessed anyone being so overcome by the Spirit. He said, "I can't talk right now...I don't know why." We will hopefully visit him this next week. The Spirit really can change the hardest of hearts. Another cool story happened when we were finding. We always pray so hard to find Latinos because there is hardly any in least that we know of. But we tracted into a family this week ....a mom and 3 kids! Her name is Ana and she is so sweet! I'm so excited to get to meet with them again! She was so excited when she found out that there was church in her language!

So basically Hermana Cobb is a poet. Here are a few things she has said this week. "This life is the climax of our eternity." and "When it comes to dreams...just go for it. You might not get to your dream, but the journey along the way will become the dream." So good. It's all about living for right now...enjoying every moment...loving each day..and embracing every adventure! 

Hermana HoT, Hermana Cobb, Hermana Johnson

My absolute favorite moment happened when we were contacting at Surrey Central. We were about to cross the road when a homeless lady caught my attention. I felt prompted to go and talk to her. So Hermana Johnson and I taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was so happy to learn about it. Haha...she definitely wasn't all the way there, but she was so excited to have the FULL truth and some new friends. So now I have a new friend named Shelly. Before we left, we asked if we could say a prayer with her. Haha, she hurried and got on her knees and held out her hands. So there we were on our knees holding hands with a homeless lady in Surrey Central. During my prayer, I said "please bless Shelly" and then she interrupted my prayer and said, "and bless sister Johnson and Sister....HERMANA???? WHAT'S THAT???" Haha in a whisper I told her it was Spanish for Sister and then she was like, "Oh you know what buenas tardes means??" Haha yeah "good afternoon" then I continued on "please bless Shelly..." Haha. Then after that we were talking to someone else a little ways away from Shelly. But as soon as she noticed we were talking to someone else she yells, "Listen to them!!! It's true!!!". Haha so funny. 

Another funny moment was when we knocked on a random door and this man in short shorts and a long stringy, white beard answers the door. Before we had he chance to say anything he was like, "uhhh...I don't think I'm interested." We didn't know what to say. I can just picture all of us standing there with huge grins on our faces in disbelief that someone rejected us before we stated our purpose. The only thing that came out was a little laugh "he he" from Hermana Cobb before he closed the door. I died. It was so funny.  

A really special moment for me this week was when I finally got the courage to talk to people at Surrey Central all by myself. It was so crazy and hard. There was one girl that really wanted to have an argument with me. It's in those moments when they are teaching you more than you are teaching them that you have to walk away. I just bore my testimony of truth and said have a nice day. But no worries...that didn't get me down. I walked to this man and tried talking to him, but he was deaf and couldn't talk or anything. So I pulled out a picture of Jesus and pointed to on the back of the card. He was so thrilled that someone paid attention to him and cared enough to put in the effort to talk to him. It was so cool. 

My first time in the Latino ward was a success!! I can't really understand all that much, but the people are so loving and have such strong testimonies! It is a huge ward!!! And the members that we have been able to visit are always so loving. They think it's insulting if you don't take anything to eat while you are there so we always get really yummy food. Oh my goodness...and no one can say my name. So I am now officially Hermana Hot. I should order a name tag with my new name. They think it's so funny that my last name is "caliente" or "hot" in Spanish. 

The most important lesson I have learned this week is that faith is an action word. If you have faith in's not enough just to say so. You must show it. I have to show that I am dedicated to this work and willing to talk to everyone. The moments that I show my faith, the Lord blesses us so much! He gives us opportunities to teach and testify. My favorite thing to tell people is that they need to try finding out if this gospel is true for themselves. I'm not here to convince them what to believe, but to share what I know is true. It is there job...and your find out for yourself if this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Show your faith, show your desire to learn more, and to find truth, and God WILL let you know that it's true. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Hermana HoT

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mon, Apr 6, 2015 So this is what they call Canada??

Hey everyone!!!

Wow it has been such a crazy week!! I left the MTC on the 1st and arrived in Canada just a few short hours later!!! It was so hard for me to leave the MTC and leave my companion when we were assigned new companions, but I know the Lord is always with me! He is my #1 companion and as long as I have Him, it will all work out!!

They day we got here, I was running on like 3 hours of sleep and we were up for literally like 24 hours. We had lots of meetings and new people to meet, but it was all so good!! I was grateful when our meetings ended early and we were able to go to the hotel. The next day we were assigned our new companion...and for me it is companions. I get to be in a trio while being's kind of a crazy experience! My companions are Hermana Johnson who just got transferred over from english to spanish, but she is already pro because she lived in latin america for her childhood, and then my other companion is Hermana Cobb. 

So I will give you the run-down of my new companions!!!
Hermana Johnson- She is super hipster and loves to buy EVERYTHING at the D.I. She is such a great sister missionary and works so hard. She has been her for a 13 months and is my trainer. Oh and she is obsessed with golden hour. 
Hermana Cobb- Has only been her 6 weeks longer than me. She is OBSESSED with health. Like...all the sudden you'll look over and she is eating a whole cucumber like a carrot. What?? haha...I think she has the produce aisle in her purse!

Apartment view in Richmond. It's a tad chilly here...but not too bad!!
Wow, so being in the mission field is so so different from the MTC! I'm so grateful for this time to finally put all of my knowledge and experiences to the test! First of all, it is so scary to talk to people on the streets. Haha...and I don't get to use my Spanish skills so much on the streets because everyone speaks Chinese or english. Aw least I am in a Spanish ward. Oh that reminds me...I'll tell you where I am serving! I am serving in the Surrey south area. Right now we are kind of homeless though because we're looking for an apartment in surrey but only have an apartment in richmond right. So LOTS of driving!! Haha Hermana Johnson the other day told someone on the street that we were homeless...haha we had to clarify for the man that we were not homeless, but he seemed hesitant after that to be talking to hobo missionaries!!;) Haha. Oh and Hermana Wilson is serving in Vancouver..she is also in a trio!

So neat experience happened while we were tracting the other day, HErmana Cobb had the impression that we should stop by this blue house on the corner before we leave. So we did, and we met this amazing girl named Kayla! She seemed so interested in the gospel, her best friends were LDS and she definitely seemed like she wanted to learn more!! She is such a miracle! I know that God definitely leads this work. It is all up to Him and His timing! It's crazy to be relying so much on the Lord, but it brings such comfort to know He will never let me down!

I was able to meet the ward on Sunday when we watched general conference at the church. They are such loving people and so welcoming. I love them all so much already! we watched general conference in um...I didn't understand a lot! But what was neat was that I could definitely tell when the Spirit was present! So amazing!

I just want you all to know that I truly do have a testimony of this work. This is the restored gospel on the earth will give you direction, purpose, and meaning in your life. Let God in your life..let Him be your best friend. I know He will never let you down! I just want to share a quick experience I had in the MTC before I left. I was studying Jospeh Smith history and his testimony and praying that I would gain a stronger testimony about Joseph Smith so I would be ready for the field. So that I would know for sure that what I'm teaching is truth. I went through my whole last week waiting for an answer from God. Then on my last day, my teacher shared the experience of the 1st vision he had with an investigator and as he shared the first vision with us, I felt the Spirit so strong. I know for myself that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, I know that He saw God and Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to take the time to read the first vision and ask God if this is truth. I know that if you do this will real intent and a sincere will change your life. You will know that it is true! God will always answer you! Love you all!

Love, Hermana Hoth

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wed, Apr 1, 2015 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!! Caw, Caw

Hermana Hoth with President & Sister Burt
Hermana Hoth with her new companions & her mission president and his wife ~Sister Burt, Hermana Cobb, Hermana Hoth, Hermana Johnson (trainer), President Burt~
April 1st was Emily's travel day--no foolin'! She had to wake up at 2 a.m. Then they caught the bus at 3 a.m. The bus took them to the frontrunner station and then they rode that into Salt Lake (North Temple) where they caught TRAX to get to the airport.  Emily had all of her Spanish books in her carry on shoulder bag and it was really, really heavy. Then with her other two big suitcases to manage that weren't wheeling very well (probably way overloaded, actually 45 and 52 pounds so not too bad, but for a tiny thing like Em??, well . . . ) - YIKES - she said it was quite a struggle!! YES, she was able to call us from the airport! It was so awesome to hear her voice! We could tell she was exhausted.  She told us some of the First Vision in Spanish--she sounded good to us! Bueno! Emily said that when they left the MTC on the bus, that her and Sister Wilson looked at each other and said, we don't even know how to speak Spanish what are we doing?? She will really miss serving with Hermana Wilson--they have become really good friends which is such a blessing.  We are thinking they will probably end up serving together again at some time though since there are very few sisters who speak Spanish in the mission! One of the Assistants to the President (who happened to have just served with Elder Kitchen who is in our ward) called us Wednesday night to let us know she arrived safely and all was well.  He said President and Sister Burt already really love her! (Of course, right!!) Last night we received an email from President Burt which included these pictures.