Monday, April 6, 2015

Mon, Apr 6, 2015 So this is what they call Canada??

Hey everyone!!!

Wow it has been such a crazy week!! I left the MTC on the 1st and arrived in Canada just a few short hours later!!! It was so hard for me to leave the MTC and leave my companion when we were assigned new companions, but I know the Lord is always with me! He is my #1 companion and as long as I have Him, it will all work out!!

They day we got here, I was running on like 3 hours of sleep and we were up for literally like 24 hours. We had lots of meetings and new people to meet, but it was all so good!! I was grateful when our meetings ended early and we were able to go to the hotel. The next day we were assigned our new companion...and for me it is companions. I get to be in a trio while being's kind of a crazy experience! My companions are Hermana Johnson who just got transferred over from english to spanish, but she is already pro because she lived in latin america for her childhood, and then my other companion is Hermana Cobb. 

So I will give you the run-down of my new companions!!!
Hermana Johnson- She is super hipster and loves to buy EVERYTHING at the D.I. She is such a great sister missionary and works so hard. She has been her for a 13 months and is my trainer. Oh and she is obsessed with golden hour. 
Hermana Cobb- Has only been her 6 weeks longer than me. She is OBSESSED with health. Like...all the sudden you'll look over and she is eating a whole cucumber like a carrot. What?? haha...I think she has the produce aisle in her purse!

Apartment view in Richmond. It's a tad chilly here...but not too bad!!
Wow, so being in the mission field is so so different from the MTC! I'm so grateful for this time to finally put all of my knowledge and experiences to the test! First of all, it is so scary to talk to people on the streets. Haha...and I don't get to use my Spanish skills so much on the streets because everyone speaks Chinese or english. Aw least I am in a Spanish ward. Oh that reminds me...I'll tell you where I am serving! I am serving in the Surrey south area. Right now we are kind of homeless though because we're looking for an apartment in surrey but only have an apartment in richmond right. So LOTS of driving!! Haha Hermana Johnson the other day told someone on the street that we were homeless...haha we had to clarify for the man that we were not homeless, but he seemed hesitant after that to be talking to hobo missionaries!!;) Haha. Oh and Hermana Wilson is serving in Vancouver..she is also in a trio!

So neat experience happened while we were tracting the other day, HErmana Cobb had the impression that we should stop by this blue house on the corner before we leave. So we did, and we met this amazing girl named Kayla! She seemed so interested in the gospel, her best friends were LDS and she definitely seemed like she wanted to learn more!! She is such a miracle! I know that God definitely leads this work. It is all up to Him and His timing! It's crazy to be relying so much on the Lord, but it brings such comfort to know He will never let me down!

I was able to meet the ward on Sunday when we watched general conference at the church. They are such loving people and so welcoming. I love them all so much already! we watched general conference in um...I didn't understand a lot! But what was neat was that I could definitely tell when the Spirit was present! So amazing!

I just want you all to know that I truly do have a testimony of this work. This is the restored gospel on the earth will give you direction, purpose, and meaning in your life. Let God in your life..let Him be your best friend. I know He will never let you down! I just want to share a quick experience I had in the MTC before I left. I was studying Jospeh Smith history and his testimony and praying that I would gain a stronger testimony about Joseph Smith so I would be ready for the field. So that I would know for sure that what I'm teaching is truth. I went through my whole last week waiting for an answer from God. Then on my last day, my teacher shared the experience of the 1st vision he had with an investigator and as he shared the first vision with us, I felt the Spirit so strong. I know for myself that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, I know that He saw God and Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to take the time to read the first vision and ask God if this is truth. I know that if you do this will real intent and a sincere will change your life. You will know that it is true! God will always answer you! Love you all!

Love, Hermana Hoth

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