Friday, March 27, 2015

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 "Bear their journeyings without murmurings." -1Ne 17:2

Hola mi familia y amigos,

Hermana Hoth & Hermana Wilson (Friends/companions Forever!!!)

Hermana Emily Hoth at the World Map! (Yep, that's where I'm going!)

Em's District (Elders & Hermana Otte, Hermana Atendido, Hermana Hoth, Hermana Wilson)

So first off, the pic that I sent last week with Hermana Wilson and me standing in front of that painting is like famous now. What? Haha, we sent it to the MTC President and his wife, and now every time they see us they get so excited. Haha. Hermana Wilson's parents know the daughter of the painter, Greg Olsen, so they sent it to her. Greg said that it blew him away and he couldn't believe that we completed his vision. Way cool. It's crazy how much we look like the sisters in the painting.

Hermana Kendra Wilson & Hermana Emily Hoth in front of blossoming tress at the MTC

One of my favorite parts of this week was our Monday lesson with our "investigator" Areli. She has been progressing so much. Her favorite thing is feeling the Spirit when we visit with her, so she has been very accepting of following the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity because when we follow those things we can have the Spirit in a greater abundance in our lives. In this particular lesson, we asked her if she had prayed specifically to see of Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God. She hadn't, so we invited her to pray with us right there and ask God. After her sweet, humble prayer, we sat there for a bit, not saying anything. The Spirit in the room was so strong. Hermana Wilson and I just felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and hope. We knew that Areli could feel the Spirit too. She told us that she knew that Joseph was a prophet. We asked her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized into His only true church on the earth. In Spanish it is, "Seguira el ejemplo de Jesu Cristo al ser bautizada por alguin que posea la autoridad del saucerdocio de Dios?"  She has agreed to be baptized on April 14th. It's so great that after baptism, she will be able to have the Holy Ghost with her at all times. This was such a special moment for me and my companion, we felt such joy for Areli.

So this week has been such a trial and a blessing for me. It's so hard to have my companion be sister training leader because all of the sisters come to her when they need to talk and then I'm just kinda out of the loop. A few days this week, I've really had a hard time comparing myself to my companion and other missionaries and complaining about it too. I prayed through those hard times that I would be able to feel good and just worry about being my best. After I prayed, I was going to bed then I heard Hermana Wilson say "Hermana Hoth, are you okay?". I said yeah...but she knew something was up. She was able to say to me exactly what I needed to hear. I'm so grateful that the Lord works through other people to meet our needs. My heart was softened after that and all is well again!!

Elder Barry (our favorite Elder) & Sister Missionaries
We had a cool, almost real life experience, the other day. We were just sitting outside studying, when one of the employees came up and started talking to us. It was way fun to get to know her and basically hear her life story. Hermana Wilson and I were able to share a little message with her. I told her how important the work of a missionary is whether they are planting seeds of the gospel or harvesting. Then she said, "It's always important when it comes to Jesus." That was so neat. I love testifying of our Savior, Jesus Christ, everyday. I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing.

Our District's Spirit Animals
We have loved getting to know the new district. All of them are way cool. We all have so much fun's so great when you can share the gospel with your friends everyday! Haha after zone prayer every night, we always shake hands and say beunas noches. But our new, faviortie thing to do is give all the elders the dead fish handshake. It's so funny to see them freak out!
Haha...Elder Barry and Elder Tarone challenged Hermana wilson and me to a basketball game during our gym time. Since I'm basically the worst at basketball, it's a good thing sisters are only allowed to guard sisters. I was on Elder Barry's and Elder Johnson's team....we creamed. I mean...we would have creamed if we were allowed to keep points. They don't want things getting too competitive around here!;) Haha after that, Elder Tarone was making fun of Elder Barry saying something like "Elder Barry is the worst at basketball." Elder Barry's comeback was, "Get my name out of your mouth!!!" Hahaha. So funny.

Traffic Duty/ Welcoming Crew

So our teacher Hermano Ralphs shows us a video EVERY DAY. It kinda gets old...and he always says that it's his "favorite" video. How could every church video be your favorite? Anyways, one time he was coming into class and said that we are going to start with....Hermana Wilson turns to me and says "20 bucks its a video" and then I turn to her "20 bucks it's his favorite." We both won that bet.

Oh..we got to do traffic again this week when the new missionaries arrived. It was so cool...I got to see Kelsey Rounds right when she got dropped off. She gave me a huge hug! And I've also seen Sabrina Trimble...she just got here this week too. Aren't those bright yellow vests saweet??
So last funny story (well at least I think it's funny). Every night this week, Hermana Atendido has a MAJOR problem with snoring. It drives me's been a rough week. Haha sometimes I wake her up and tell her to stop, but that never works. So one early morning I was going to wake her up, but getting out of my bed, I got a bloody nose. Haha I came back and told her that when I was trying to wake her up she punched me. Haha, she totally believed it and felt super bad. I was pretty convincing...but don't worry...I told her eventually that it wasn't her fault. But the snoring needs to stop!;)

MTC District
Well, I will leave you all with a scripture I found this week that sums up my feelings perfectly. It is found in 1Ne 8:12. This verse is talking about the prophet Lehi and his vision of the tree of life. The fruit on the tree is the pure love of Christ. It says, "And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that is was desirable above all other fruit." Throughout my life and especially on my mission now, I have felt the pure love of Christ. The love that He has individually for me and for others. Because of Christ, we can overcome any challenge that we face in life. Because of Christ, we can find peace and joy in each moment. Because of Christ, we can be forgiven and feel clean. I challenge all of you to come to know your Savior, Jesus Christ, more and better this week. I am who I am because of Christ. I know He loves each of you...please partake of the pure love of Christ and find your purpose through Him. Love you all.
Love, Hermana Hoth

MTC District
MTC District & Teacher Hermano Ralphs holding sign (he served in Arizona)

MTC District & Teacher Hermana Estrada in the middle (she served in Chicago)

Hermana Wilson & Hermana Hoth

Brother and Sister Price

Emily is taking a little bit of her Dad's mission (Taiwan) and her Mom's mission (Iowa) with her wherever she goes :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fri, Mar 20, 2015 1 whole month...what?

Hola everyone!

I can't believe I've been out here for 1 whole month. It's gone by so fast and I'm so sad that I only have 17 months lefts of this amazing adventure. But! Exciting I got my travel plans for April 1st. I leave the MTC like at 3:30 am and then our flight from SLC leaves at 8:30. We arrive in Seattle at 9:34 and then our flight out of there is at 11:10. We will arrive in Vancouver, Canada at 12:08 pm on April 1st. Crazy, I can't believe it!! I get to travel with my companion which is a prayer answered because I would be scared to travel alone. I also get to travel with 5 other missionaries!! Wow, it's so crazy that I have less than 2 weeks in the MTC.

MTC District . . . what?

Elder, Elder, Elder Tyler Stevenson (one of Em's good friends he's going to Taiwan), Hermana Hoth, & Hermana Wilson

Elders & Hermana Wilson & Hermana Hoth 

So this week has been pretty great...of course! How could it not be great when I'm constantly thinking about the Lord and this amazing work!! We got a new district this week. It has 3 elders and 4 sisters. They are all so great! On Wednesday, when they arrived I was able to direct the traffic as the new missionaries were being dropped off. It was so fun to see all of the brand new missionaries, but it was hard to see them say goodbye to their families. So crazy. It was sad for me to watch their families all crying when their missionary was out of sight. Way cool story...I got to see my friend J.D. Thorne get dropped off. I was able to talk to his family after for a while so that was sweet. Haha, St. Patrick's Day was way fun. All of us got packages from our families and now our room is filled to the brim with green candy. Haha, it was so great to hear from the fam too. totally look like Nick Jonas. Harrison..I guess you're pretty cool...don't get too cool though!;) And so my package, my mom sent pics of the time I dressed up as a bald eagle to summon my eagle powers for student council posters. Haha...she also photo-shopped a sweet pic of my comp as a Timone from lion king...we died laughing. So funny. Oh my heavens, speaking of our "spirit animals". my teacher was writing some vocab on the board and she wrote eagle. My district was laughing so hard. So now whenever they see me they call me aguila and say "caaaa". Wow. 

Hermana Wilson has perfected her duck noise...she scares everyone when she does it. So so funny. And Elder Barry has perfected his sloth noise and crawl. I think I have the weirdest district ever...:)

Oh I forgot to tell you...Elder Cook came last week. Yeah...he is so cool. He talked about the process of assigning missions. He told us that there are 3 main things that they focus on when assigning calls. They receive inspiration for which mission presidents the missionary would work best with, or what people need them the most, or which language they need to learn. Both him and his wife spoke. They are was great to hear from an apostle of God. 

Hermana Hoth, Hermana Wilson, & Elders at Provo Temple

So we have a new investigator, Marianela. We got to teach her over Skype so that was a neat experience. Then we had 2 lessons with Mercedes this week. The 1st one was not so great and it was hard to feel the Spirit throughout the whole thing. I was so discouraged after that. But Hermana Wilson took a chance and decided not to write a lesson plan out and just let the Spirit guide for the 2nd lesson, and the Spirit was there the whole time. She kept saying how beautiful the lesson was. It was about baptism and becoming clean again. She thought that baptism cost moneybecause it does in the Catholic church, but we explained to her that it is a free gift from God. She loved that. We also shared Moroni 8:3 and told her that it reminded us of her. We as missionaries are constantly praying for our investigators and  family and companions. I think one of the reasons why we feel so close to God while we are on our missions is because we are constantly talking to Him. If any of you feel like you don't have a good relationship or any relationship with God, I hope that all of you will take the time to talk to Him through prayer. I know He wants to hear from you; He loves you. Don't forget that prayer is a 2 way communication and He will speak to you through your feelings and thoughts. 

There have been a few moments this week that both Hermana Wilson and I have just broke down. It's so stressful here and I'm constantly reminded of my weaknesses. The hardest thing is taking care of Hermana Garcia. She was in the older district and she is supposed to be in Cali right now, but the night before she left she had to have an emergency back surgery. So not only are we constantly busy with our own schedule, but now we have to take care of another person. But through many prayers, the Lord has softened my heart. Now, I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve already. 

Emily & Kiana
So...I got to see my best friend ever last week! While we were walking to the temple, Kiana was on her way back to her apartment! So cool. 

Elder Barry came up with our new district saying..."Necesita Jesus"....or "you need Jesus". Haha...he goes around saying that to everyone. 

Haha so funny story. The other day we were practicing rolling our "r's" and one elder in our district, Elder Hirschi was trying his hardest but all he made was a hissing noise while looking like a helpless otter. He said, "wow, that's a struggle." Then his comp, Elder Armstrong said, "What? Your face?" It was so funny....Elder Armstrong was like "That's not what I meant". Haha. 

There have been protesters outside the MTC yesterday and today. I don't understand why people would waste their time tearing others down. My teacher came into class last night saying that they called her "a deceiver and that she was leading us down to Hell". She told us that she knows this church is absolutely true. She wouldn't have served for 18 months and continue to serve by teaching new missionaries if it wasn't. I want to add my testimony to hers. I absolutely know that this church is true. I have felt the Spirit so many times throughout my life. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he truly did see God and Jesus Christ. He restored this church. We have all the truth of the gospel on the earth today because of him. I would not give up 18 months of my life if I did not know for a surety that this church is true. 

I hope all of you are having great lives. And keeping it real. Thanks for everything! Love you all!  Love, Hermana Hoth

Brother & Sister Price, Hermanas Wilson & Hoth

Oh my goodness! It's a perfect match :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fri, Mar 13, 2015 The gospel is everything.


So . . . funny thing is we have this pic of Emily in the Moon's Eagle Costume (thanks for reminding me Barbara Moon)!! She used this poster when she ran for WAMA (Women and Men Association) at Mountain Crest High school.  No wonder she won that election. she really does have Eagle Powers! :)#spiritanimal #baldeagle#summonyoureaglepowers
Hey ya'll,

Oh man, I can't believe I hit my half way point in the MTC. It's crazy how fast everything has gone so far!! I'm still loving it here! My zone is amazing and my companion is amazing!! Over this week we've gotten really close. There have been lots of problems and issues back home for a few people in my zone. Some of which include having friends pass away, someone's mom has cancer, and another missionary's parents separated. These missionaries have really been struggling, and it's so hard to watch all of them go through what they're going through. However, I know that the Lord is so aware of them. He knows where they need to be. It's actually amazing that they get to be here in the MTC where the Spirit is always so strong. With the Lord, we can get through any problem, any trial, and any heartache! 

This week we have learned about the importance of the Book of Mormon in people's conversions! If people come to know that the Book of Mormon is true, then the rest is simple. If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith is a true prophet, the priesthood authority is now on the earth, we can all receive the knowledge, ordinances, and covenants that make it possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father again. This is the exact message that I've been trying to teach my 3 investigators, Mercedes, Areli, and Marcos. They always are saying how hard their lives are. And that's exactly why I'm a missionary. Because life is hard. It's hard for everyone. Everyone goes through struggles, but I know this book will help. It will give you the strength you need to overcome any challenge. I promise that if you make time for the Book of Mormon and God in your life, you will be changed. You will see God's hand in your life!

Haha, so anyway, our favorite Elder has been giving everyone Spirit animals this week. What a weirdo. Ha so Hermana Wilson is a Mir cat, Atendido is a wolf..of course, Otte is an owl, Elder Barry is a sloth, and I'm a bald eagle?? What?? That was so I look like a bald eagle? What a punk!;)

Hermana Wilson and I had to clean the bathrooms...otra vez. OTRA VEZ. Haha, what is this? 

Oh, so Hermana Wilson and I had amazing experiences with TRC this week. TRC investigators and the ones that really might be investigators...they're not our teachers at all. But TRC on Tuesday was with members. It's so fun when they're members because then we can just share testimonies! So before hand we planned to share just a little bit about the Plan of Salvation in our lessons with them. We wanted to go over our life on earth and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So our first investigator was Hermana Taylor.. We really got to know her and her life story at first, she is so cute. She took up most of our time just telling stories, so at the end I just flipped through the pamphlet and saw the song "I am a Child of God" on one of the pages so I had her read it. She became really emotional. She said that she remembered her and her twin sister singing that just knowing that God was HER father and that He would lead her and guide her. I had no idea that that quote would even make a difference, but the Spirit knew. The Spirit knew she needed that memory at that moment. Our next investigator was Hermano Rascon. Toward the end of that lesson I had the impression to tell my conversion story which was how I gained a testimony. I told him that when my grandma died I had little faith, but through much prayer and studying I found hope and I found God. He then opened up to us and shared a similar story of how he gained his testimony when his best friends died. He remembered just looking to the heavens and knowing there is something more. The spirit was so strong in both lessons. I testify that that the Spirit knows us. God knows us. He has a plan for us. Come unto Him and find purpose and hope. 

So yeah, no funny stories this week, pero this week was a great time to grow spiritually. I love you all and hope all is great in your lives!! Thanks for all of the support and prayers!! 

Hermana Hoth
#thebookistrue #baldeagle 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fri, Mar 6, 2015 So umm....would you like to be baptized?

Hey ya'll! 

It has been another fantastic week in the MTC. I can't believe that it will be 3 whole weeks this Wednesday. It makes me sad at night when I realize how fast these mission days go. I'm loving this experience. It is so hard, and many times where I just need a moment, but the Lord is always right there to lift me back up. All He is asking is that I do my best and then He will make up the rest.
Our zone (3 districts) before the eldest district left! So sad!! 

So let's just say, some of the missionaries in my district are somewhat disobedient. So for like two whole class periods, which equals 6 hours, we had lectures on not flirting and staying with your companion. That was way fun!;) So my schedule consists of waking up at 6:30, eating breakfast at 7:10, Class starts around 8:00, lunch and gym time starts around 12:00, then class again for 3 hours, then dinner, then class again for 3 hours, then planning, and BED TIME! Hallelujah. basically all we do at the MTC is eat and learn...I think I'm getting fat. There's no time to work off all those delicious cookies I eat!

I really enjoy our "ciclo" time which is where we study personally for an hour, then companion study for an hour, then language study. Hermana Wilson and I are pretty good at staying on track, but now that the old district is gone it's a lot easier. Haha, we aren't being ambushed by nerf guns anymore when we're supposed to be that's good!;) But I do miss the older district a lot. It's crazy how your zone really does become your family!!

Hermanas Otte, Atendido, Hoth, Wilson

The devotionals on Sunday nights and Tuesday nights are amazing. We haven't had one of the 12 apostles yet, only some from the quorum  of the 70. But they all do amazing jobs, it's like having conference 2 times a week! Pretty great! Anyway, this week we had Elder Evans of the 70 come. The thing that really stood out to me was when he said parents make a huge difference in whether their child chooses to serve a mission. I'm so grateful for my parents and their testimonies. They are a huge reason why I came on my mission! :)

So of the Hermanas that is in my room is hilarious.  And not even like the good kind of hilarious. Hermana Atendido is well...unique. She just says the weirdest things at like the most inopportune moments. Haha, but we love her anyway. She takes up one whole bunk bed all to herself. The top one she sleeps on and the bottom one she hangs her clothes on. I don't even know why she has a closet? Who needs a closet when you have a bunkbed?;) Haha and when we write in our journals at night she always sits right in front of my closet because there's no room by her stuff. So funny. Okay...just a few more funny stories about her. She loves to say random facts at night She is obsessed with wolves. Like obsessed. She has a wolves tail that is attached to her mission bag so when she walks it looks like it's hers. She has a little wolf stuffed animal that she puts over her eyes when she sleeps. Oh...and she scratches at night. And it is soooo loud. Gross, but there's nothing we can do about it! Haha. Wow. Now Hermana Atendido's comp, Hermana Otte has shown her true colors. She usually is composed, but she is going crazy! Hopefully Hermana Wilson and I can keep it together for the 4 of us!!
Hermana Wilson and I doing some service! Cleaning the bathrooms is always a good time!;)
Sometimes by the end of the day, we are all so drained spiritually and physically that we just can't stop laughing. Everything is so hilarious. The other night while the Elders in our district were teaching our "teacher/investigator", we decided to do synchronized chair rolling. our desk/chairs have wheels on the bottom so we decided to do some funky dance moves while belting out Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel"...that's a spiritual song right?

Now on the more spiritual side of things, wow, my testimony has grown so much. It is a hard process to become the person the Lord wants you to be, but I can already see how much happier it makes me. Right now, Hermana Wilson and I are teaching 3 "investigators"...Areli, Marcos, and Mercedes. It's so important to have the Spirit in the lesson. The Spirit truly is one of the most amazing gifts from God. It touches hearts and clears minds. It comforts us when nothing else can. One day this week, I was having such a hard time. I was so down on myself and nothing was going right. I kept saying to myself, "No one understands me. No one even likes me." But then I remember a lesson that we learned in MTC choir last Sunday. Christ chose to come to earth so He would know exactly how you feel. He didn't have to come, but He did for you. And every time you say, "No one likes me or understand me." He knows exactly how you feel. He was hated and despised of men and He knows what it's like to have no one like you. You are never alone. Because He chose to come here, He knows exactly how to help you. All you have to do is turn to Him, He will carry the burden for you. That day that was so hard for me totally turned around when we had to teach Areli. I told myself that
I couldn't be sad while teaching an investigator because this is the happiest message they will ever hear. They need to see how it has made me so happy. The Spirit helped so much throughout that lesson! And after feeling the Spirit like that, there were no more negative thoughts in my head. Miracle.

We learned that you're supposed to ask investigators "when you find out that our message is true, will you be baptized?" in the very first lesson. Crazy, but it is such a powerful invitation. Asking someone to follow the Savior!

Well everyone, I'm so lucky to be preparing for my mission now!:) It has been an incredible experience! Know that I pray for all of you and I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for all of the support!

Hermana Hoth
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