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Mon, Apr 20, 2015 East Indian? Filipino? Chinese? Latino? No se.

Hola everyone,

Haha, our struggle everyday is finding Latino's on the street. So hard...we see lots of East Indians, Filipinos, Chinese people...some even look like they are Latino. It's always so disappointing when they don't speak Spanish. Haha, but we have found a few Latinos lately so that's amazing. The Spanish work is really picking up here in Canada. 

My first Canadian Money!!
Well this week has definitely been a week of miracles. One of my favorite miracles was when we were going through the area book looking at the records of people who had only been taught a few times. On one of the records, it said, "Don't go over...,they're not interested." or "pray before visiting them." Kind of scary, but we felt good about visiting this family. We knock on their door and Rosa and Luis come out! They were so friendly and so excited to see us! They don't really remember meeting with missionaries in Canada before, but they met with them in Peru. They invited us right in to share a lesson with them. They told their 3 boys to sit down, listen, and to be respectful. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the whole time they were nodding and making comments.  Rosa was so nice...she kept saying how she wanted her boys to grow up and be just like us and that she prays for her future daughter in laws every day to be like us. It was so nice for someone to recognize that we are good people and not trying to shove religion in their face. All we want is to invite others to come unto Christ and know for themselves if what we teach is true. I know that all who take the time to do this will know for themselves that it is the truth. And this truth will change your life. After our lesson, Rosa grabbed her little boys hands and said "everything these girls said is true." We were in awe. We found a golden family and hope to meet with them soon. Such a miracle!

These are little things we like to call K POPS. So good!! 

This week I was able to go on exchange with Hermana Wilson and Hermana Williamson in Vancouver! Wow, that city is beautiful!! There was a Canucks hockey game that night so everyone was dressed up for that! It was so fun to teach lessons with those sisters...oh and eat doughnuts from Tim Hortons. Best day of my life. Finally didn't have to eat a sweet potato or avocado. :) 

Finding work is definitely not the easiest in Canada...especially since we are looking for Latinos. I wish more people would understand the sacrifice we are making and let us share what we know is true. Think of it...I'm 19 years old. I left my family, my friends, my home, and everything I've ever known. I did this to come to a strange land for a year and a half. I'm giving all that I have to God right now and to His work. Every thought, every word, every action is dedicated to Him. Everything I do is for Him...but in some way it seems fair because everything God did...He did for us. I'm glad to give my time to the Lord and I pray that all of you will make time for Him in your lives. 

So another miracle this week was Carla. She is from El Salvador and has 5 kids. We found her old teaching record and decided to stop by. Carla loves missionaries and says she's been meeting with them for 2 years now. So we asked her questions just to know where she is coming from and what her beliefs are and we came to find out she doesn't even know what the Book of Mormon is? What?? She had been taught for two years and didn't know what the key to our religion is? Crazy...but....she came to church with her two youngest kids. It was such a miracle to have her come! I can't believe it! She even stayed the whole 3 hours. After church, my companions, and I were able to attend Horacio's baptism. He was taught by the Spanish speaking elders in our ward. During his talk after the baptism he talked about the the Sunday school lessons that the 3 of us taught. My favorite part is that he called us "Muchacha Elderes" haha meaing "young lady elders". Haha so funny. :D

Haha...some of my favorite people to talk to are East Indians. They are always so friendly and also I'm so fascinated by their turbans. By the end of my mission, I'll know how to wrap a's my goal!!;)  But we like to interrupt their little Sikh parties (a bunch of East Indian men playing cards) and talk about the gospel. They are always so happy to talk to us, even though they never want to learn more. Aw well. But at the Newton bus exchange yesterday we go up to a Sikh party and ask how their day is. One says, in an East Indian accent, "Grateful for the sun, for the weather, and for that airplane." Haha. We died laughing. He was way cool...and we really liked his Nike football cleats. The casual look for Sikh men in Canada. 

Haha in Hermana Cobb's words "So we found this super cheap farmers market in Surrey, but we are currently living in Richmond so for P day we are in Richmond. Last Monday we had the great idea to not buy produce on P day and wait to buy produce during a meal break during the week so we could buy it from the cheap farmers market. Well, day after day passed without opportunity to go to the farmers market and we were all slowly withering away hahaha. Literally, at every meal all of us would say at least one of these lines, "I don't want carbs anymore. Nothing sounds good. I don't even like eating anymore. I hate carbs." because it was all we were eating. The last couple meals before finally going to the farmer's market, we were literally eating spoonfuls of peanut butter (and that's all for our whole meal). We went through half of our jar of peanut butter in ONE day." I actually really enjoyed the peanut butter. ;) I'm shocked that I would ever say this, but I was so glad to get some veggies.  

THE VEGGIE HERMANAS!! (Em's Padre made this in honor of her trio :D

One of my favorite moments from this week was when we decided to rock out to Motab in the car. Anyone driving by probably thought we were listening to some awesome rock music. Too bad they didn't actually know were listening to "The Battle of Jericho" or "Down to the River to Pray." So funny. 

One more miracle to share. One Wednesday we decided to do part of our studying in the food court at the mall. We didn't think much of it when we planned it the day before, but then when we got there we realized how weird it was. But we studied away anyways. While we were studying, we noticed two men next to us speaking Spanish! When one of them left, Hermana Cobb started a conversation with him. His name is Mainor and he was amazing to find out that he had been familiar with the church since he was 14. We were able to talk to him about the Book of Mormon and set up another time to meet with him. We told him how the Lord must have know that he needed to meet us..I mean who else plans to study in the mall?? I know that the Lord is so aware of each of us. He gives all the opportunity to hear of His truth. I hope all of you take the time this week to come to know God more...through the scriptures, through prayer, or whatever. I know that He loves you all and has a plan for you. Have a great week!!!


Hermana Hoth

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