Monday, April 27, 2015

Mon, Apr 27, 2015 Oh the anxiety! Oh the joy!

Buenas Dias! 

Wow it has been a week of growing. I truly feel like I have been thrown into the refiner's fire. I've been thinking a lot about how God gives us so many opportunities to change and to be better. Going through those experiences that make us better is definitely not the easiest, but sometimes it is the only way for us to learn what we need to. So my advice...from personal experience of course...when God gives us situations to grow, don't just walk through it. Let it go through you, let it change you. Each day/ each moment is there to make us better. Use those times to become the person God wants you to be. If we do this, we allow God to make a masterpiece of us. In Isaiah 64:8 it says, "But now, O Lord, thou are our father we are the clay and thou our potter and we all are the work of they hand." If we allow ourselves to be molded, even though it's uncomfortable, we will become a work of art. 
Hermana Cobb, Hermana Johnson, Hermana Hoth
Last P-day, we decided to go check out Vancouver City. We got ended up only having like 15 minutes walking the streets. It was still beautiful though. While we were got in traffic on the way home, I found myself looking at all the people walking on the side of the roads. Everything seems to be so different as a missionary, especially the way you look at people. These people seemed to be walking so aimlessly. Though they had purpose in each step, they looked so lost. They're missing something. They are missing the WHOLE point. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to share with people the purpose of life and the way to have everlasting joy!! It truly is amazing to be part of the work of saving souls! one of my refining experiences happened at Surrey Central this week. I was just off doing my thing, talking to people, and nobody would listen. Everyone seemed so hard-hearted. I might sound like a baby, but I just started crying. I told my companions, "There's no way I can do this for a year and a half." My companions comforted me and then out of nowhere this crazy man walks up and starts giving me a pep talk on missionary work. Haha, apparently all of the missionaries know who he is because he loves talking to missionaries. His name is Rav...and wow...he is something else. Haha here's part of his pep talk, "You know...don't let people get you down. THis work stinks and it's hard, but let their words go in one ear and out the other. You know what you have is good, don't let them tell you if it's good or bad. They can take it if they want, but if not, move on." Haha what?? He should probably be baptized...he was way cool.  

Hermanas with Lenin & Rita
MIRACLE!!! Obispo (or Bishop) gave us a referral to a lady named Rita. So we called her last week and she was thrilled to set up a meeting this week. We went to her little Latino Cafe and had a great lesson with her. We really got to know her and explained how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families. She is incredible. Right now her husband is dying from cancer and she is just looking for something to give her peace. I know that she absolutely felt the Spirit and the peace that the gospel brings. We extended the invitation for her to be baptized and she accepted! So we will work with her and be her guides as she prepares to make the huge step in her life! The next day, I was on exchanges in Vancouver again, but my companions were able to visit Rita at her house. A few ward members went with them and gave Rita's husband, Luis, and their daughter a blessing. What an incredible family that has been so prepared!! Rita and Luis came to Sacrament meeting yesterday and loved it! The Lord is really providing people out there to receive the gospel. the funniest thing this week happened at a dinner appointment. A family in the ward invited us over for dinner. When they opened the door, the food smelled amazing! They had made stake, beans, veggies, and tortillas! Everything seemed pretty normal until the mom pulled out a roll of toilet paper and starting hand us like 10 squares for our napkin. Haha...I was dying. Just thinking about it makes me laugh! 

Well...there are so many more miracles that I wish I had time to share...but next time for sure!!! I love you all and truly am so grateful for all of the support! I have you all have a great week!
Love, Hermana Hoth

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