Monday, May 30, 2016

Mon, May 30, 2016 1:25 pm A Joyful Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Dear family and friends,

Oh my goodness. I love my mission so much. I have loved the blessing of working in Surrey Spanish again. Surrey is such a special and sacred place for me. It is a second home where I have come to know the Savior and my Father even more. It is where God has trained me to feel the Spirit. To understand when I should testify, to know what to say as I testify, to know who to talk to, to know where to go and where not to go. I know that the Spirit is our companion and our protector. He is the one who gives us the strength to press forward and love living the gospel.

I have been thinking a lot about my favorite missionaries. Alma the younger and Peter. And this morning I learned so much about what it takes to be a joyful and powerful disciple of Jesus Christ. In Alma 4 we read that the people were so wicked, they let their riches and their pride take control of them. And we know that when there is pride...destruction always follows. But Alma, wasn't discouraged. He went out and began to "preach the word of God unto them, to stir them up in remembrance of their duty, and that he might pull down, by the word of God, all the pride and craftiness and all the contentions which were among his people." Alma had a huge job, like all of us do as followers of Jesus Christ, but he knew that the Lord would give him strength. Alma saw that there was "no way that he might reclaim them save it were in bearing down in pure testimony against them." I LOVE THIS! There have been many moments in the beginning of my mission when I had no idea what to say. Then I began bearing my testimony in those moments. And I have enjoyed and loved sharing my pure testimony of Jesus Christ with Surrey, Vancouver, Sidney....and now KELOWNA! I know that this new transfer is so inspired of God. I am so excited to serve the Lord up in Kelowna now! I read "Fear not, I am with thee." by President Uchtdorf. He says about Peter, "Nothing kept him from fulfilling his mission to raise his voice as a missionary and a witness of his Savior, Jesus Christ." I desire to be like this. I can feel that the Lord is helping me become like Peter. Letting go of all my fear, gaining a pure testimony of Jesus Christ, and sharing it with ALL. I hope that we all can do this!

So this week....hmm...has been so special for me! My last week in Surrey...being a Spanish missionary...asking everyone for a Spanish referral. I have loved my time here. I have loved being with Sister Wilson, my dear friend. We worked so hard...and I know that God has blessed us. Our reward for working so hard was getting permission to go to the Garcia family's sealing on Saturday. This is a moment of my life that I will never forget. We love the Garcia family so much and have seen them work so hard to be sealed in the temple. My heart was so filled with the Spirit and with joy. I know that the work we do inside the temples is true. It is eternal. I invite all of you to go to the temple often and fill your lives with the Spirit of the Lord. It was incredible to see the joy on their faces..they know that their family is forever. 

Garcia family sealing!
Hermana Hoth and Hermana Wilson with the Garcia family at the temple!
Hermana Hoth at the temple!
It was so hard to say goodbye again to my favorite family...The Duran family. Rosa and Raul are so special to me. After church yesterday, we went to teach them in their home one last time. God is so good to have allowed me to be part of their lives again. I am so grateful. I was able to share my testimony with them and testify of eternal families and the plan of salvation. It is all true. They, then, shared their testimonies with me. Rosa told me, "the work that you have done here has not been in vain. We have learned so much." We were all crying, but it's okay because I know God will take care of them. Soon they will have an eternal family too. 

Hermana Hoth, Michelle and Ulysses

Rodriguez family
Hermana Hoth, Riquelme family

Wilson and Hoth

Sister Arnoa

Emily, Rosa, baby Emily, Raul

Sam, Jared, Hermana Hoth
I have had many opportunities to share my testimony with the members here. They are all my family. I love them so much. As I shared my testimony in our last mission correlation meeting, many of the members cried...and of course I cried. I just can't even imagine how good it will be to see all of them again. 

I feel so blessed. I know that God is our Father. He knows us and knows exactly what we need, what we want, and what we desire. He hears our prayers, no matter what language they are said in. He hears us and speaks to us through the Spirit. Remember Him because He always remembers you. I love you all and pray that you are all doing well. Remember Joshua 1:9.

Hermana Hoth....soon to be Sister Hoth again!:):)

More pics from the Mini Mission last week!


Mosquera family

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tue, May 24, 2016 1:52 pm Aprendimos la palabra filoso. (We learned the word sharp).

(This picture was taken right before the Sister we were visiting cut her hand)

Dear family and friends,

Well, this has definitely been one of the craziest weeks of my entire mission. But really. I have a hard time thinking that other missionaries have experiences like Sister Wilson and I have had. So I will tell you the event that has basically changed our lives's pretty weird. 

So on Friday, we had a lunch appointment set up with a less active member. We get there and we begin chatting with her. Pretty soon, she brings out a huge plate of fruit and cheese. We were starving and so we took a picture to remember that moment. Then after the prayer, the member goes over to the counter and then brings back avocados and a knife. She said that she wanted to give us some avocados too. So as she was about to start cutting them, I grab a a chip and was about to dip it in beans when I hear a slicing noise. The sister had cut her finger as she tried to cut the avocado. She ran to the bathroom and starting running it under cold water. I turned to Hermana Wilson and was like,"Was that bad??" She was like "oh yeah!!!". We tell her to wrap her hand and put pressure on it. We were in shock and I couldn't watch her because I was feeling sick. I ran back out to the living room and was thinking "okay...what should we do? Should we call someone? Who should we call?" Then I thought of our relief society president. She told us she would meet us at the hospital. So Heavenly Father really helped me stay call and directed me with everything I needed to do. I gave directions to the Sister and Hermana Wilson...although Hermana Wilson wasn't looking so good. So I grab the keys, her phone, her bag, lots of towels. and we locked the door and headed out. Sister Wilson was doing so good and was struggling climbing the steps to leave. We finally reach the top and I had my arm around Hermana Wilson and the Sister was behind us. Hermana Wilson kept saying to me, "I'm going to faint". Then I looked at her, and her face was COMPLETELY white and her lips were blue. She immediately fainted. And in this moment, I know there were angels helping us. I threw my hand under her back to catch her and then the Sister behind us caught her head. Everything was so graceful. But then I was stuck that myself. My companion, who I thought was dead, was unconscious and I had a sister there bleeding. I told the sister that we needed to say a prayer. I lifted my voice to God, pleading that He would help me, that my companion could wake up, and that the sister's finger could stop bleeding. I felt calm. Hermana Wilson soon came to it, but was so weak and coulnd't move. Then the Sister told me that she was feeling dizzy. I sat by her to support her if she fainted too. Then she opened the towel and I couldn't believe it. Her finger had completely stopped bleeding. God hear me. He answered my prayer. Soon members came to take the Sister to the hospital. And other sister missionaries came to help me and Hermana Wilson. After we got our strength back we went home. We tried resting, but we were just in shock with everything. The whole story kept playing and playing in our minds. 

So we were pretty scarred by everything that happened and I was just feeling down on it. But we got priesthood blessings and in my blessing it said that God know the experiences that I have to pass through and then there will be other experiences that He will deliver me from. I know that God was absolutely with me in this crazy moment. I know that I don't need to understand everything that happened or why it happened. God knows..and I am learning to trust in the Atonement. I know that Christ's Atonement is the greatest gift of all. I know that everything that is wrong or unjust about life can be made right through the Atoment of Christ.

Well...I wanted to share that story with you...because I learned from that just how real prayer is. Prayer is the most powerful thing. And I learned that God's angels are always surrounding us.

And for Rosa and Raul...they came to church and Raul is working on getting the Preisthood! And then Karla and all of her kids came to church and stayed the WHOLE time!! So many miracles. God is so good and His work is incredible!

Love you all,
Hermana Hoth

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mon, May 16, 2016 1:24 pm Esta es la senda.

Dear family and friends,

I am so grateful for my mission. I love being the Lord's missionary here in B.C. Canada. It is such a blessing in my life. I just want to testify that we are in the right path. We, as members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are in the path that leads to eternal life. I know that this doesn't mean that it is easy. It's never been easy. Life is so hard, but because of that, I know that God loves us. He is giving this time to us, away from His presence, so that we can learn and grow and become like Him. And one day, we will be like Him. I know that's true. I love the scripture in 2 Nefii 31:21 "Y ahora bien, amados hermanos mios, esta es la send; y no hay otro camino, ni nombre dada debajo del cielo por el cual el hombre pueda salvarse en el reino de Dios. Y ahora bien, he aqui, esta es la doctrina de Cristo, y la unica y verdadera doctrina del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espiritu Santo, que son un Dios, sin fin. Amen" God is so good, and He has given us everything we need to be happy in this life and in eternity!

Okay, so we have had so many miracles this week. We have been running from one lesson to the next! It's so good.

Miracle #1: Joan!!! So a few weeks ago, we met Joan, who is a little old lady here in Surrey. She is from she speaks English..not Spanish! But we of course talked to her and asked if she knew anyone that spoke Spanish. She pointed to her we knocked on her neighbor's door..they spoke Spanish..but definitely weren't interested. So then as we were walking back, we passed Joan again, she was just finishing mowing her lawn. We asked if we could help, and she said we could come back the next week. So for the past few weeks, we have been mowing her lawn and sharing the gospel with her. We had an amazing zone meeting on Friday that really pumped us up to go out and do the work. We headed straight on over to Joan's, mowed her lawn, and asked if we could share the gospel. It was so cute, she had chairs and a table already set up for us in the back. We usually start teaching people by sharing the Restoration, but we felt inspired to teach the Plan of Salvation. She was quiet as we taught, but we could see the Spirit was sinking deep in her heart. When we talked about judgement day, we mentioned that judgement day can be a GREAT DAY...if we are prepared. We can be prepared through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. She immediately asked, "So would I have to be baptized again?" It was's always a bit scary telling someone that their baptism wasn't valid and that they will have to be baptized again. But I felt the Spirit speak through me. I said, "We know that Jesus Christ had the power to baptize, and we know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is His chruch and so it has His preisthood power. And so Joan, the answer is yes, we would invite you to be baptized again by someone holding the preisthood authority." She took it so well and agreed to be baptized!! YAY! So please, pray for Joan!

Miracle #2: Lucero!! Lucero is the niece of one of our members in the ward. She is visiting from Peru for a bit. We felt like we should stop by to "drop off a mother's day letter" for the Hermana and then offer to share the gospel. worked perfectly! Hermana was so happy to see us and receive a card, and Lucero was there! She had been there when the Elders had dinner with this family and they already shared about the Restoration. So we shared the Plan of Salvation. Oh my goodness, the Spirit was so strong! Lucero was just glowing! I know she felt the truthfulness of God's plan for her. She told me a few weeks ago in relief society that she didn't know why she came to B.C. or what her purpose is here...well I DO!!! I know that she is here to learn about the gospel. She is so ready. We really love Lucero, and so sad that she is actually in New Jersey now and then will go back to Peru. It's hard to not be able to teach her again, but we know that we made a difference in her life!

Miracle #3: Rosa and Raul. They are progressing so so much! And we are working so hard with Raul to get the priesthood! So next Sunday he should be meeting with the bishop to finally start the process. Pray so much for them please!!!

Hermanas with Isabella, Ludwig
So we were visiting a family in our ward this week, and their granddaughters wanted to show us there dancing. Haha, they are like 6 years old and 2. We died laughing. They were all over the intense. But after the dance, the little 2 year old was talking to me. She asked what we are I said "we are missionaries right now!" She looked so confused and then was like, "NO! You're not fairies!" She must of heard me wrong, but we died laughing. She was so cute. 

Wilson, Lucero, Hoth
Well...I'm so happy to be on my mission, working so hard for the Lord and with the Lord. I know God is real. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know He will come again. I pray that all of us will be so prepared, and I know we will as we live the gospel!

Hermana Hoth

Fist Bump!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mon, May 9, 2016 1:57 pm The Short Answer.

Dear family and friends,            

 First, I want to say Happy Mother's Day MOM!!!! It was so good to talk to you all yesterday and tell you how much I love you! It is so fun to see how much everyone has changed. I hope I have changed too!:) Change is so good.

So as I was talking to my family, I felt prompted to commit them to memorize something called the 'short answer'. I have been trying to memorize it so I can explain to everyone I meet why we believe the things we do and why we live a certain way. I would like to invite all of you to do this same! Memorize it!! If anyone has any question about the gospel the answer is always the "short answer". Which is this:

"The short answer is this: In 1820, a young man by the name of Joseph Smith went into a grove of trees in upstate New York to pray. He wanted to know which church he should join. There he saw God, our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Joseph was told he should join none of the churches. But he was told that through him, the Church that Christ had established while He was on the earth would be restored. This restoration would be through a process of revelation."   (and it is through revelation that we know . . .) 
-Elder Dale G. Renlund.

These are such powerful words that each and every one of us can use to explain our testimonies. I have loved studying more about the Book of Mormon this week and gaining a stronger testimony of it. I know that it is the key to our religion. If the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, he received the priesthood, he received revelation to be able to restore Christ's church on the earth. We are part of Christ's church.

Rosa and Raul's baby Emily
 It has been so good to work with Rosa and Raul again. They really are our family. we love them so much! We were able to celebrate Raul's birthday with them and share a lesson about the Atonement. I love how much they are working together to be unified as a family. We also had a lesson with them this week with the Bishop and his wife. Bishop thinks that Rosa is so close to baptism. I love that when the Bishop asked Rosa what her thoughts were on baptism she said, "Well I am still just waiting to feel it." That is the perfect answer. She must feel the truthfulness of the gospel for herself. If she can learn to feel the Spirit now, she will be more prepared and willing to RECEIVE the gift of the Holy Ghost after her baptism. I am so impressed with Rosa and her honest desire to follow God! Rosa and Raul love us so much and want us to come with them to El Salvador next year for a trip...haha that sounds pretty good to me!:)

I just want to ask all of you to keep Rita in your prayers. She is trying so hard to stay close to God, but still so many challenges keep coming up! Pray for her granddaughter too, she was just in a car accident! 

The Dynamic Duo back together again!

Pday Outing at White Rock: Sisters     , Hubert, Hoffman, Grant, Lewis, Hoth, Wilson

Well I pray that all of you have such a great week! Stay close to God and always pray to Him. I know He wants to hear from each of you!

Love, Hermana Hoth