Monday, August 15, 2016

Mon, Aug 15, 2016 1:46 pm If ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work. Forever called.

Dear family and friends,
So I have been pondering if I should share a review of my 18 month mission, or share my testimony, or some inspiring thought. God has helped me come to the conclusion that each of you have been able to be with me in this journey and grow with me as we have labored for God. I want to thank you for being there. Thank you for your daily prayers. Thank you for your love and support. You will never know just how much it has strengthened and blessed me. Thank you mom, dad, Katie, and Harrison for being my rock! So God would like me to share with you today what I did this week!'s amazing..I'm a 18 month experienced missionary, but I am still learning so much every day. God is truly so good.

This week, Sister Esplin and I worked our tails off. We really know what it means to put your shoulder to the wheel despite all opposition. Sister Esplin is such an amazing person and missionary. I have been so blessed to have been able to serve with her for my last transfer. She has taught me so much about holding on to the things I know and how to NEVER give up. She is a star and an example. We have learned how to scuba dive;) or in other words, go with the flow.

Zone Conference

I have learned that we can definitely repent in our last day. But we can only do this if we have repented and changed every other day before that. In life, we are always learning and growing. There will never be a point where we stop. Although, I have served as a full time missionary for 18 months (not one day less), I am amazed at the incredible lessons God allows me to learn every day.
We have learned that hard work really pays off. We have been going and going. Let me tell you I AM EXHAUSTED. But it is the best kind of exhausted. My last day in Kelowna, we were able to meet with a member referral from our member Erin! Her referral's name is Glen. And Glen brought a friend to the lesson! Glen is having Erin read the Book of Mormon to him. Glen and his friend, Doug, both feel that what we have shared with them is true. Doug accepted a baptismal date of Sept. 24. Miracles never cease. The work never stops.
We had the most incredible zone meeting ever!!! It was all about the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is true. And I was able to share my testimony as a "dying" missionary. It was so powerful and special. So to end I would like to share my testimony with all of you. 

I know that God is my Father. I know that He loves me. He loves me as His missionary, He loves me as His returned missionary, He loves my family, He loves each and every one of the people I have talked with and served. He has a plan for me and expects me to be loyal to Him. I show my love for Him through obedience. I know that Heavenly Father is just dying to talk to me, and I can talk to Him through sincere, heartfelt prayer. A few weeks ago, I was feeling down and depressed. Before I knew it, I found myself kneeling by my bed. After my prayer, I thought about how instantaneous my decision was to prayer. I know that every time I pray, I will come away feeling better, uplifted, enlightened, and encouraged. I know that God hears every prayer we say, whether it is out loud, a thought, in English, or in Spanish. He hears them all. Each time I have fallen, Heavenly Father has picked me up, brushed me off, and ran with me. I know that He loves us so much. I know that the greatest manifestation of God's love is His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He is the Redeemer of the world. I know that His Atonement is real. Every time I feel like I cannot go another step, Jesus Christ carries me. And He does it so willingly every time. I know that Jesus Christ is real and that He will come again. I know that we each have the privilege of preparing the world for His second coming. I know that through the Atonement, we can be forgiven of our sins, our wrong actions and our hurtful words. I know that through the Atonement we can become like God. I know that through the Atonement, we can do ALL things. I have truly come to know the Savior through the Book of Mormon. It's incredible. I have been reading the Book of Mormon for so many years, and I am just starting to understand its importance. It is the Keystone of our religion. It is true. And so all that we believe is true. I have felt the Book of Mormon heal my soul. I know that what the prophet Joseph Smith said it true. He said, "I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone to our religion, and that a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book." I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it is true. I know it is true. If you are struggling with your it! Read it everyday, and soon you will feel the Spirit of God in your life. I know that an essential part to conversion is receiving a witness from the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true. It is by the Spirit that I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that through him, God restored His church. It is by the Spirit that I know that the Plan of Salvation is true and that I will see my loved ones again. It is by the Spirit that I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. I know that the Holy Ghost is a testifier, a comforter, and a protector. Haha, I lived in Surrey for 8 months of my mission...I know He is a protector!! It is by the Holy Ghost that I know that my mission is acceptable to God and that I stand before God with clean hands. (Alma 5:15-19) I know that my mission is pleasing to God, not because it is perfect, but because it is given and consecrated. These things that I have learned in my mission have molded and shaped me into the person God needs me to be right now. I know that as I continue on this beautiful and glorious path of the gospel, I will be a disciple of Jesus Christ forever. I share my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hermana Hoth

Spent last few days with these great sisters (Zundel, Collier, Chandler, Hoth, Paxton)

Temple trip drive

the group going home  

Hermana Hoth, Sister Collier, Elder Ricks, Elder Ringer, Elder Shelley, Elder Stone, Sister Zundel, Elder Briscoe, Elder Stock, Reynolds  & the Assistants: Tobias & Asi  & President and Sister Burt


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