Monday, June 27, 2016

Mon, Jun 27, 2016 1:13 pm One of the best ways to be a missionary is to be HAPPY:D

Dear family and friends,

I have learned so many valuable lessons this week. I think the greatest lesson I have learned is that the best way to be a missionary is to be happy. We share the gospel of happiness. We share the plan of happiness. We share the only way to find happiness in this life and joy in the world to come! Why are we not happy? Haha, I think back to so many moments in my life and I wonder how those times would have changed if I allowed myself to be happier! Hmm, well I can't change those things...and I don't want to. But I can change now. So what I have been working on this week is to be happy. President Burt always says, "You can say anything with a smile on your face." It is so true. I have noticed that as I focus on being happy, I actually have more love for God and for my brothers and sisters, I repent quicker, and I have the Spirit with me more!! It is just so good. So that is my invitation to all of you this week...BE HAPPY! Smile even when you really don't want to. Be positive even when you really want to complain. And give someone a compliment especially when you really don't want to!:) It changes everything!

So last week I sent a picture of me and First Nations lady named Teresa. But I forgot to tell the story. So Teresa is an investigator that the elders just passed off to us. Two of her sons were baptized a few years back. One of those sons was in a car accident with her daughter and her husband. All of them were killed. So as you can imagine, this has taken quite a toll on her life. But she loves learning about the gospel because it brings such peace to her heart. She wants to be baptized, but she has already moved to a different part in B.C. but she will have the missionaries over soon. It was incredible to meet Teresa and get to know her story because as I did, I realized that I had just barely met her Sister, 2 nieces, and her son in Surrey. Her sister and 2 nieces just barely got baptized and I was able to teach them on exchanges. It was such a neat connection. I know that Heavenly Father allowed me to be a part of Teresa's story. I am so grateful for that special experience. 

Yesterday in Sunday school, Brother Burgess, our teacher and ward mission leader asked, "Why do we have faith in Jesus Christ?" Well we have faith in Him because He is the Son of God, He died for us, and He atoned for our sins. We have faith in Jesus Christ because He is the only one we can rely on and depend on 100% of the time. Out of all the things God could ask us to put our faith in, He has asked us to have faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Find out why!!! 

So funny story. Kind of. Our car had to be towed this week. Seriously?? Haha...but I smiled the whole time so I could keep my commitment. It's actually pretty funny. We got in our nice new repaired car, and it started making the worst sound I have ever heard in my life. So when Matthew the tow truck guy came to get our car, he taught us a valuable lesson. "We don't have bad experiences, just bad perspectives." So true!!!

Then we got a referral from a visiting member to go visit a nonmember in the hospital so we did. Her name is Maddy and she is a Christian. She loved visiting with us. After our closing prayer, she said "What you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying." I love that!

We got a referral from a member in our ward to teach a cute young family from Thailand. They wanted help learning we tried to teach them English, but Sister Moore and I aren't the greatest teachers when it comes to English so our lessons soon turned into a lesson on Jesus Christ and how to pray. Emily loved learning how to pray because she knows God can help her learn English. So Emily and her husband, Earth, and their daughter Bentley all came to church yesterday!! So many miracles!

Well I know that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ gives His all in this great work and so I am doing the same. Missions are definitely not easy, but I love my mission. It is the greatest experience I have ever had. I know God lives and that He love us all equally. He loves the sinner and the saint, the sad and the happy...He loves us all. :):) I hope you all know that God loves you!:):)

Love, Hermana Hoth

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