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Mon, Aug 17, 2015 Hermana Hoth and Rola

Last week Emily wrote to Rola (our Chinese friend from Richard's mission miracle story). Rola wrote her back! How cool that they were able to contact each other!! 

2015-08-18 2:48 GMT+08:00 Emily Hoth <>
Rola...this is Sister Hoth! I am Elder Hoth's daughter! My dad wrote a huge letter telling me about the incredible miracles that have been happening. I have told this story again and again to missionaries, members, my investigators. None are left with dry eyes. What a sweet and happy moment to meet all of your missionaries again. Also, it amazes me that you had pictures of my dad all these years. How special. My heart rejoices in the happiness and bliss of the gospel. I hope and prayer that you feel the same way! I am right now serving in Canada Vancouver Mission. I love it! I love being a missionary! Thank you for finding my dad and the other elders. That meant the world to them!:) 

Love, Sister Hoth

Got this sweet letter today from Rola!:) 

Dear Sister Hoth, 
First of, its great to hear from you!! :)
It's been a long time since i could write emails to a missionary!! ^^
I'm really glad that you get to know about the story.
It was really a miracle that i was able to find them out within 24 hours, facebook is amazing, should've done it years ago... LOL

Yeh, i was baptised in 2007 September, it was not that easy to be the only member in the family at the first time...cause they all know about my past, my bad habits, and who I was...
And suddenly became someone who refuse to drink alcohol, coffee and teas were strange to them. I really have to say that the gospel really did have good influence in me.
The lessons in Institutes, Sunday schools and those fellowshiping from the members made me feel the growth in me, a good and positive kind.

You know how it says in the First chapter in Preach my Gospel, Many people are looking for the purpose in live, and they need the Sense of Belonging...
That's how i feel about the church...and i know deeply that it was Heavenly Father who planned and prepared my path to know and be able to accept His restored gospel...
He had my family taught by your father and other Elders...had my first English Cramschool teacher invited Missionaries over to our class so we could practice English speaking, had me had this deep impression seeing two Sister missionaries biking fast down the road from the Bus, and led me to know this RM friend online, so i started to investigate the church...

You know, there's soo many times i was thinking before i found your father and other Elders...How are they doing? Do they have Families now? Are they still strong in the Gospel??

The reasons why i wanted to find them so bad was not only that i wanted to thank them in Person and let them know that their works were not in vain....but to also strengthen their know if they in case were not strong in the gospel. :)

When i met them, and knowing they're doing amazing and still so having strong and firm Faith of the Gospel of Jesus Christ... made me feel in a way like Ammon meeting his brothers again after years being apart.  ^^

I know you're doing one of the most sacred jobs in the whole world.
You're a Happy Farmer in the Lord's Vineyard, you never really know what rule Heavenly Father is putting you to. 
You're preparing the ground, you're planting the seed, you're cleaning the weed, you're trimming the plant, you're harvesting the fruit....
No matter which rule you're in now in this area you're serving... Your hard work will never be in vain!!! :)

It took more than 20 years for that little seed your father planted to grow. 
You'll never know who's life will be influenced by you knocking on their doors, or hand out a pass along card, or even a smiling greeting to someone on the Bus. :)

Sister Hoth, thank you for writing me.
I look forward to hear your story on your mission. 
Thank you for being amazing!! :)

Alles gute, 

Mit liebe/ Rolle 

"You may sometimes be tempted to say, will my influence make any difference? I am just one. Will my service affect the work that dramatically? I testify to you that it will.  You will never be able to measure your influence for good."     President Thomas S Monson

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