Monday, May 2, 2016

Mon, May 2, 2016 1:34 pm Better Safe than Surrey.

Dearest friends and family,

Oh my goodness, so I don't have a ton of time. I'm super sad about it, but really, this week has been so filled with miracles.

Hermana Wilson and I are learning, again, how to work with each other. We are working so hard and I am so grateful that we are both able to teach in SPANISH together now. We have had amazing visits with Karla, Carolyn, and Rosa recently. We might not be able to speak the language perfectly, we know how to talk with the Spirit and to invite with the Spirit. So no worries there.

Hermana Wilson & Hermana Hoth Sister Williamson, Lucero, Sister Lee (Williamson & Lee are RM's that came back to visit their mission)

This week, I went on exchanges with Sister Lewis. We had so much fun together and we were in the area, knocking doors, where Rita lives. So we thought we would give it a shot and stop by. Before, we haven't been able to visit her because Lenin has been so sick and recovering and everything. But she was SO HAPPY to see us and invited us right in. It was incredible to see them both again. And even though Lenin suffers from memory loss, he remembered me (and Sister Johnson too) and was so excited to see me! I love them so much!

Lenin, Hermana Hoth, Rita

Karla is doing good. She has been sick this week and so she couldn't come to church. So we stopped by after church yesterday to read the Book of Mormon with her. She hasn't been reading it as much as she did before and she tells us that she can feel a huge difference. She says the Spirit is constantly reminding her to read and to pray. She feels so guilty when she doesn't do it. I think it's so important to remember that to have a living testimony we must be living our testimony...every single minute, every single hour, every single day. We have to renew and gain a stronger testimony through daily prayer and scripture study. That is what Karla is learning right now.

We have had many miracles finding people who speak Spanish. Mostly from talking to everyone and asking everyone if they know anyone who speaks Spanish. We should have a lot of new people to teach this coming week! Please pray for us!!

Hermana Hoth & Hermana Lewis on exchanges visiting the Sikhs

We decided that we would start visiting Rosa and Raul again. We gave them some time to think about everything and really think about what their goals are in the church. Rosa has so much real intent and wants to be baptized and everything. Keep praying for them please. We feel so strongly that Rosa and Raul and Emily will be our miracle this transfer because both Sister Wilson and I have worked with them before.

Hermana Hoth, Rosa, baby Emily, Raul

Well, everyone. I love my mission. I love this gospel. I know God is real. I know that we can talk to Him through prayer. Something important that I have learned this week about prayer is that prayer is not there to change God's will, but to align our own wills with His. His plan is perfect and we must be humble to choose to follow Him. I know that if we follow Him, we choose to be happy. Have such a great week! Love you all!

Hermana Hoth

Missing Hermana Cendreda

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