Monday, April 18, 2016

Mon, Apr 18, 2016 1:35 pm God loves you.

To my dear family and friends,

My heart is so full of gratitude as I write this. This week has absolutely been such a blessing. God is so good and His love is real. We had so many miracles. Rita was baptized. Grace, Vicky, and Joyce were baptized, Karla and Carolyn are progressing, Sister Cendreda is the most powerful missionary I have ever met, and now it is time for her to start a new mission.

Rita's baptism!!!!! President and Sister Burt came!
At the beginning of this week, we were feeling that Rita wasn't prepared enough for her baptism. It felt like we were dragging her to baptism. So during our companionship study, we knelt down and offered a humble prayer to God. We asked Him what His will was for Rita. I felt so strongly that Heavenly Father was telling me, "Thank you so much for all you and Sister Cendreda have done for Rita. You are literally doing it all for her. Thank you for fulfilling your covenants that you have made with me. But this isn't your covenant that you are going to make with me, this is Rita's covenant. She must act for herself." So Heavenly Father helped us understand that Rita needed to take a bigger step and show God that she was willing to make this covenant with Him. She called us every single day before her baptism to show that she wanted it and that she was ready. She is such a fantastic example to us. God has given her so many responsibilities including taking care of her husband, Lenin, who has recently had 2 heart attacks, and also taking care of her daughter, Elizabeth who has special needs. Rita is one of the elect. God trusts her so much...he trusts her with the lives of others too. We were so worried...we were thinking if she has so many in the world can she fulfill a baptismal covenant. But what I learned is that Heavenly Father has made this covenant possible for everyone to make. We each have our own capacities to fulfill the callings of God. Rita has been blessed with more responsibilities than most of us. She is so blessed as she makes an even greater leap of faith for God. She has been given so much to do, but she always puts God first. It is amazing to think that she is 80 years old and changing her life so much. It is never too late to change for God and with God. That is 80  years of mistakes completely washed clean...and now she just has to endure to the end. Her baptism was so special. It happened Sunday after church. Many members came and we were shocked when we saw President and Sister Burt walk through the door. They are so good and came to support Rita! Rita was so excited and felt the Spirit so strong. She is a fighter and has literally given it all to God. God will bless her forever. I am so excited that next Sunday she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Rita and Claudia (Rita's daughter)!
Grace, Vicky, and Joyce were all baptized too!! It was so good to see Grace right before her baptism. Every time I see her, I remind her of when we met at Surrey Central a year ago. She has changed so much. She said to me in her broken english, "I am so grateful. I am so happy." I told her "God is so happy for you." And her reply was "God loves me". It is so true. God loves us. He loves Grace. And He loves you. The gospel's blessings are there for all who will receive it! 

Grace, Vicky, and Joyce were baptized!!!! Love them! 
The Giron family loves us so much. They got a farewell surprise cake for Sister Cendreda 
Speaking of God's love. I want to give a tribute type of a thing to my best friend and amazing companion, Sister Cendreda. She has been working so hard. We ran so fast and so hard these last two transfers of her mission. My dad told me at the beginning of this transfer that my goal should be to work Sister Cendreda to the ground. And so that was my goal. I absolutely know I fulfilled that goal because my body is completely exhausted. I am so tired, but my Spirit has more energy than every before. My Spirit finds so much more joy in the work and sacrificing all for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sister Cendreda was able to give her last testimony at our zone meeting this week. She is so powerful and she knows God, Jesus,and the Holy Ghost. She said in her testimony, "A few weeks ago, I was wondering if the Restoration was true. Then Heavenly Father told me to look at myself. I am the proof that this church and this gospel is true. I have changed so much." That was so profound. How could we not know the Church of Jesus Christ was restored. Look at us who are living it! We are the proof that it is true and that it is from God. Something I love so much about Sister Cendreda is that to every single person we talked to every single day she said to them before we left "God loves you" I have heard over the past 12 weeks "God loves you" every single day, multiple times a day. What a beautiful thing to be able to say that God truly loves all of His children, but even more to know that God loves all of His children. I love Sister Cendreda so much. She is incredible From her I have learned that I can give God everything! And He will take care of me. 

Hermana Cendreda & Hermana Hoth/ Friends Forever!

     I feel so blessed to be serving my Lord here and sacrifice all for Him. It is incredible to do the work of the Lord in Surrey...and I am so thrilled to be able to stay in Surrey another transfer. It will be different without Sister Cendreda, but I'm so excited to see Sister Wilson again. God is so good. He truly answers prayers! Just turn to Him, just give it all too Him. This morning, during our last comp. study, we just cried as we testified of the gospel to each other. God is so good. We know that this work is His. We know His love is real. Truly, all things are possible to those who believe in God. I know the gospel is real. It has changed so many lives. I am so honored to proclaim the truth every single day. I love the scripture found in Matthew 16:24-26. I am learning how to deny myself or forget myself and follow Jesus Christ. I love Him. I have learned that God is asking me to give it ALL to Him and He will take care of it all. 

Hermana Hoth

The Cerna family...ward mission leader.
Carolyn and Alex      Karla (below)! We love them all so much!

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