Monday, February 1, 2016

Mon, Feb 1, 2016 1:32 pm A Colombian Miracle!

Dear family and friends,

Okay. So I love Surrey. I love Sister Cendreda. And I love working with all of these people that I already have so much love for. It is such a blessing to me to be here again in Surrey. We are on fire here. All this mall contacting and store contacting is super uncomfortable for me, but it is so effective. Who would have thought that we would get 5 new investigators this week from asking, "Do you know where a Mexican Restaurant is?" Haha. 

Hermana Cendreda & Hermana Hoth (Lots & Lots of RAIN in Surrey) update on Rosa and Raul. We have had some amazing lessons with them this week. Rosa is really searching her real intent and seeing if she even wants to be baptized. We are working hard with her and we can see how much she is progressing. We are also working with Raul to get the priesthood. I can just picture this sweet family going to the temple in a year or two. They are so special. Rosa is so close to having her baby...she is so nervous. Haha, she was showing us all of the cute baby clothes they have gotten for her. 

Surrey District Elders Kirkham, Salazar, Neal, Gurr, Ast, Eschrik, Cendreda, Hoth, Yonk, Hemenway

We weren't able to see Rita this week because Lenin is in the hospital and not doing well at all. Please keep them in your prayers. Rita sure has had a hard time, and I just pray that all of these trials will create a way for her to come close to God. For me, it has been my hard time and struggles that lead me to God and allow me to strengthen my relationship with Him. I sure hope it is the same with her.

Jacky and Cendreda about my Colombian miracle. So to start this story, I have to tell you about a story from nine months ago when I was a brand new missionary in Surrey. Hermana Johnson and I worked so hard here. We went out and found every single day. I know the Lord always blesses us for our hard work. One day we were visiting Hermana Saenz...and in the end of our visit she told us that one of her nonmember friends needed something from her. So Sister Saenz being the amazing missionary she is sent the thing over with Sister Johnson and me. Her friend's name was Colombia is from Colombia. We talked to her and had a great discussion with her. But before we could teach her again, she went out of town and with time Sister Johnson and I were moved/went home. Well a week ago, Hermana Saenz, not knowing that I had been transferred back called us and told us about her friend Colombia and how she was so interested in taking the lessons. Apparently she had been back ever since September, but they had both "waited" until I was back in the area. I couldn't believe this miracle. so every since this phone call, I have been praying so hard for Colombia. She wasn't able to come to church because she slept in, BUT we were able to have a lesson with her at Sister Saenz's house last night. It was such a sweet reunion..she remembered me and Sister Johnson so well and is hoping to be in contact with her soon. She told me that she thought she would never see me again. We taught her the Restoration and the Spirit was so powerful. Sister Cendreda asked such an inspired question about "the need for a Restoration" and Colombia gave such a powerful answer. Something that i have realized on my mission is the difference between a lesson with someone who is prepared and someone who is not. With someone who is prepared, it seems like the Spirit multiplies every second. I know that the Spirit is always there when we teach, but it can only go UNTO their hearts and not INTO unless they allow it. Colombia definitely is prepared and allowed every word to sink deeply into her heart. It was such a powerful experience for all who were there. I loved reciting Joseph Smith's first vision. It is probably one of the greatest blessings I have seen in my mission. Why? Because it always allows the Spirit to be there. I would love all of you to feel the Spirit that I felt as I told this miraculous experience and manifestation of God's love. So go read it...go memorize. Say it often and remember that you have a loving Heavenly Father that knows you by name. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at sweet Colombia and shared the words of the experience that changed the world. That has changed my life. Sister Saenz, Sister Cendreda, and I all shared how we know this is true. Colombia expressed her desires to know the truth of it. Something that she noticed from the beginning is that we pray different...we don't say memorized prayers...which is really different from the Catholic faith. She told us that she would say memorized prayers, but then there would be a moment where she just had to cry out to God...and that's when she felt something "weird"...that's when she felt the Spirit. She told us that she believes one of the reasons why she moved to Canada is to learn about the gospel. We invited her to baptism and she said yes...she also understands how serious that is and how special it is. This is such a miracle. God is so real and is so good. Another neat experience for me was in the middle of the lesson. I am so filled with gratitude. As we shared the gospel with Colombia and as we watched her accept it all and even love it all, all the feelings of disappointment, fear, stress, discouragement that I have felt since Vancouver completely vanished. we gets rejected every day for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we get doors slammed in our face, we get means words thrown at us, we get a wide variety of things, but none of that mattered when we taught Colombia. She was worth it. And so all of you who may be struggling with hard times or those of you on missions, I know that God makes everything right. He is a loving Father. He makes every trial, pain, heartache, struggle worth it. He makes it all worth it. 

Cendreda, Sister Saenz, Colombia, Hoth

I love God and I love Jesus Christ so much. I truly have gained a stronger relationship with them while being on my mission. I am grateful to serve them. I know we have a prophet on the earth today who speaks directly to them. President Thomas S. Monson has told us to be a light and example to the world. It is my prayer that we all remember who we are, cherish and live the truths we have, and shine for all those around to see. 

Love Hermana Hoth

Love you! ~~missing Hermana Polanco~~ (a pic sent to Hermana Hoth from Hermana Polanco)

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