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Mon, Jan 18, 2016 2:44 pm Am I My Testimony?

 Hey everyone,

Wow. So transfers! I am so sad that me and the little chubs won't be together anymore. We have truly enjoyed our time together. We are best friends. All of this because we have testimonies of Our Heavenly Father, of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the restored gospel. I love missions. I love the people. I love my companions. I love watching the Atonement change people's lives. One of my favorite things this transfer was watching the Atonement change our companionship! SO! News...I am going BACK to Surrey Spanish. I will be serving with Hermana Cendreda. She has been companions with two of my other companions. I have heard amazing things about her. I am so excited to go back to Surrey and work with all of those people that I loved so much. And at the same time, my heart is breaking to leave Sister Polanco and the amazing ward members here. They were all so sweet yesterday.

We found a yummy sweet shop...totally reminded me of Mom

The little chubs said we HAD to buy a cake...then she pushed my face in it. I'll have to show you the video later. Apparently it's tradition in Guatemala

It was so funny though. Our bishop was SO SURE that Sister Polanco would be the one getting transferred that he asked her to give a talk in sacrament meeting. We were on exchanges at the time when he called so Sister Polanco asked, "What if Sister Hoth is the one leaving." He just said, "No, I am sure you are going." in sacrament meeting they announced that she would be leaving. So she got up there and said, "Well Sister Hoth is actually the one leaving, but I still give a talk anyways." We funny.

She loves food

Last planning session

So this week, we had a zone meeting. It was all about CONVERSION. And actually applying what we learn. I have realized that more than anything, I want my natures to change. Not just my behaviors...because that would mean that while I was on my mission, I was on my best behavior. What I want is so much deeper and so much more transforming than a behavior change or even gaining a testimony. I want to live my testimony and be my testimony. I want to be converted to Jesus Christ. In preparation for the meeting, we read two talks on conversion by the apostles. Both of them talked about the difference between a testimony and being converted. A testimony is a spiritual witness and knowledge given to us by the Holy Ghost and conversion is what we do with that. Conversion to me is sacrificing anything in order to live what I know. I have been asking myself "Am I my testimony?" And if I'm not...I immediately change what I'm doing. I challenge all of you to ask yourselves this throughout the day!

This week, we had planned to see Heidi and Alejandro, our Christmas miracle, but we just couldn't figure out a time that would work for her. So we weren't able to meet with her. She felt so bad and sent us a long message. In the message she expressed her worries and concerns for her and Alejandro. She is separated from her husband and is so worried that Alejandro is being affected negatively from it. She asked us to pray for her. We were able to testify to her of the peace and refuge that the gospel offers us. And we invited her (or exhorted) to allow us to teach her about the gospel. She said she would definitely consider it! This may not seem like much to a lot of you, but this is very sacred and spiritual for me. We haven't had a lot going on in Vancouver while I have served here, but I absolutely know that we found Heidi and Alejandro on that cold December night for a reason. God loves them, and knows them personally. So He allowed us to meet them. I feel so strongly that one day the will accept and embrace the gospel. Please pray for them!

Conquering the world

Marta Ayala and her brother. she broke her foot so we have visited her every week for the past 2 months. I'm so grateful we were able to be such a strength and comfort for her during this time when she couldn't leave her house.

Yesterday, at church, we were able to teach both Sunday School and Young Womens. It went so well. In Sunday school, we taught about prayer. We were very specific and very bold about the way we pray! Then we taught about missionary work in young womens. We had 3 young women there and 2 leaders! The room was so filled with the spirit and joy as we explained to them that we would be role playing! Haha...we role played introducing the Book of Mormon to people. We split into two groups and Sister Polanco and I were the investigators. They all just sat there...and had no idea how to start. So Sister Polanco and I gave an example. We testified with the Spirit and everything just flowed so nicely. Haha they all said, "that will be easy" and then gave it a shot. They soon found out that it was a lot harder than they thought. We were nice investigators and they soon got the hang of it. After they had the opportunity to share their testimonies of the Book of Mormon, they were all smiles. It is so amazing to me that we believe the gospel, we live the gospel, we are converted to the gospel, but do we know how to share the gospel?? How would you share the gospel with someone? How would you tell someone what the Book of Mormon is and what it means to you?

Love Nicolle and Celeste

Young Womens! Hoth, Polanco, Nicole, Juliette, Hermana Pasquier, Hermana Osoro, Robyn

I love the Del Castillo family

Hermana Chavez and Hermana Espinosa

Hermana Andrea Valdiri

Our Bishop...Alvarez andHermano Puschel...our ward mission leader

Hermanito Espinosa

Family and friends, I want you all to know that I love my mission. I do not love my mission because it has been easy or even fun all that time. I love it because I have come to know my Heavenly Father and my Savior. I have learned what it really means to love, serve, and sacrifice. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is truly Christ's church on the earth today. Jesus Christ directs and guides us through His prophets and apostles. I know these men are called of God. I know that us as missionaries are also called of God. We are doing the same marvelous missionary work that has been done from the beginning. I love God. God is so good. He allows all of us to learn of Him and live happy lives, but we must choose His ways to do so. I pray that we always rejoice in His goodness. (Mosiah 4:11-12)

Love,  Hermana Hoth

Look who I got to see! Sister Jenson goes home this week!:(

Sister Grant...I LOVE HER

They are "hoth-sick" (homesick for Hermana Hoth)

Sister Driscoll!!

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