Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tue, Nov 10, 2015 Losing myself in the service of the Lord.


I'm sorry that I don't have much time this week to write. My zone was able to go to the temple today so that took up a lot of our time. Wow, what a blessing it was for me to go to the temple. My heart is so full and I feel even closer to God. From when I was little, I have always made the temple a huge part of my life! It has been such a special place for me to feel close to God and remember those sacred promises that I have made with Him. I love how beautiful the temple is...everything just shines. The best part of the temple is the feeling there. It is a piece of Heaven on earth. I challenge all of you to go to the temple this week. Feel the incredible Spirit there. I can promise that you will receive strength, guidance, answers, and comfort as you go. Those aren't empty promises..I know that that is true. I have felt all of that in my life. I am so grateful for it! If you can't go inside the temple, I invite you to go to the temple grounds and feel the sacred spirit that is there. 

Vancouver Temple November 10, 2015
Driscoll, Ditto, Ealy, Unwin, Hoth, Polanco, Lai,  , Rood

Canada Vancouver Temple

Love These Sisters

Haha, this week has been a week to remember. We have literally been "losing" ourselves all over Vancouver in the service of the Lord. Haha, it's tricky not having a GPS or a companion that can read maps, but slowly and surely we are figuring it out! 

I want to share one of my favorite experiences that I had this week. We were finding one night in downtown Vancouver. So lots of people. Lots of lights. Lots of different smells. We begin a conversation with a man that's sitting on a bench. He seems interested so we teach him the whole Restoration right then and there in the middle of Vancouver city. Apart from him leaving in the middle of the lesson to throw something away (he was out of sight for like 5 min...haha we thought he left us), the lesson went really well. It was such a powerful experience for me to bear my testimony on the Restoration and share the 1st vision with him. The Spirit was so strong. I realized that this event that happened in 1820..when Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ...has changed my life. It has changed the world. It was such a special experience for me to feel the Spirit in the middle of a huge city with millions of people walking by. I know that God is so aware of each and every one of us. 

My Home in Vancouver

haha! oops! I'm fat

We had another lesson with basically our only investigator right now, Yasmin. She didn't read the Book of Mormon and didn't pray about it either. We had a powerful lesson on the importance of the Book of Mormon and receiving an answer that it is true. What does it mean if it's true? Why is it even important to know if the Book of Mormon is true? Well for me...it has changed my life. I know that God loves me and has given us all of His truth. It has given me a second witness of the divinity of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know God's truth was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith for every single one of us. Because of these things, we can know the purpose for life. We can have direction. We can know our potential...and even greater...fulfill our potential. 

Sometimes it's a bit tricky to stay positive when all day long we are in the streets of Vancouver finding people. It's seems like people's hearts are so hard. I have been thinking again and again on something President Burt told us. "If you really want to be happy, work harder than you really want to." I love that. I think back on my mission and the times that I have loved my mission is when I have sacrificed everything for the Lord. I have a recommitted desire to do my best and serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I love all of you so much and am so grateful for your support!
Love, Hermana Hoth
P.S. Haha...Sister Polanco was teaching me how to use the word gordo. And she said it is impolite to use it unless you add an ita to the end. Haha so it's okay to call someone a little fat. I just told her that in English we just call people chubs. Haha I shouldn't have...now all the time she says to me, "Are you serious chubs?" or "lets go chubs"!

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