Monday, October 26, 2015

Mon, Oct 26, 2015 Look Up.

Saying goodbye to Sidney pics 
Our last night. Peace out

Our investigator Norma and her grandchildren 

Goodbye breakfast with the Snarrs. love them forever.

Saying goodbye to Sister Huszti

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!
Wow. Leaving Sidney was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. The people there have become so much a part of me. They are my family! It was also so hard to leave my little Sister Huszti! She wrote me the sweetest note before I left. I read it on the ferry ride over back to the mainland and couldn't help but cry. This basically sums up our friendship: "Do you know why so important our friendship? Because we worked so hard for it." We truly went through a refiner's fire while we were together, but we came out of it so strong and with a new best friend! I love her so much!

Before I left, we had one last lesson with Christine! Wow, she is so wonderful. We talked about the temple again with her and she said that next year in December, she wants to go to the temple! Which means she has to be baptized in December! I have so much faith in her. I know that she can do it. I hope that we will all keep praying for her!

The ferry ride over was rough. I was such a mix of emotions and I had to ride the ferry by myself...again! Haha, it was hard to see Sidney drift off in the distance. I don't know when I will be able to go back so I pray that God will take such good care of my Sidney family!

WOW VACOUVER! Crazy city. I've never really been much of a city person so coming here is a big culture shock to me. Everything is so different here. Sister Polanco and I have a lot of work to do! We have the smallest ward, like 20 active members, but they are so filled with love. I am excited to be in Spanish work again. I kind of feel like a greenie. Sister Polanco has to take the lead in our lessons and I can't communicate with the members very well, so lets hope I can learn this language soon. I was able to bear my testimony on Sunday in my broken Spanish. To say the least....Spanish is hard. Haha, but with my cute, little Guatemalan companion, I will be speaking Spanish in no time.

So...Sister Polanco..she is from Guatemala and has been a member her whole life. All of her mom's family are members and none of her dad's family are. She is such a great, powerful missionary! It seems like she doesn't even need training! She is the one training me!:) We will be such a blessing to each other as I learn Spanish and as she learns English.

One of the things that is so crazy about being here in the city is realizing just how much people are obsessed with their phones! No matter where you train, bus stops, restaurants...every one is always on their phone. They are missing the meaning of life! There are so many miracles right beside us if we just choose to look up and talk to those around us. All of us desire to be connected to each other. I guess social media makes it easier than opening our mouths and talking to people. I have such a strong testimony that if we open our mouths and share the good news of the gospel that we will be so blessed. We will feel greater joy than we have ever felt. We will have more charity and love for those around us. I know that God loves us all, we are all His children. I love the scriptures in Moroni 7:45-47. And when you read verses 45 and 46 replace the word Charity for Christ. Without Christ, we are nothing! I know that our Savior lives. Because He lives we can find peace and comfort in a changing world! Thank you all so much for your support! Love you all!

Love, Hermana Hoth

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