Friday, March 27, 2015

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 "Bear their journeyings without murmurings." -1Ne 17:2

Hola mi familia y amigos,

Hermana Hoth & Hermana Wilson (Friends/companions Forever!!!)

Hermana Emily Hoth at the World Map! (Yep, that's where I'm going!)

Em's District (Elders & Hermana Otte, Hermana Atendido, Hermana Hoth, Hermana Wilson)

So first off, the pic that I sent last week with Hermana Wilson and me standing in front of that painting is like famous now. What? Haha, we sent it to the MTC President and his wife, and now every time they see us they get so excited. Haha. Hermana Wilson's parents know the daughter of the painter, Greg Olsen, so they sent it to her. Greg said that it blew him away and he couldn't believe that we completed his vision. Way cool. It's crazy how much we look like the sisters in the painting.

Hermana Kendra Wilson & Hermana Emily Hoth in front of blossoming tress at the MTC

One of my favorite parts of this week was our Monday lesson with our "investigator" Areli. She has been progressing so much. Her favorite thing is feeling the Spirit when we visit with her, so she has been very accepting of following the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity because when we follow those things we can have the Spirit in a greater abundance in our lives. In this particular lesson, we asked her if she had prayed specifically to see of Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God. She hadn't, so we invited her to pray with us right there and ask God. After her sweet, humble prayer, we sat there for a bit, not saying anything. The Spirit in the room was so strong. Hermana Wilson and I just felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and hope. We knew that Areli could feel the Spirit too. She told us that she knew that Joseph was a prophet. We asked her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized into His only true church on the earth. In Spanish it is, "Seguira el ejemplo de Jesu Cristo al ser bautizada por alguin que posea la autoridad del saucerdocio de Dios?"  She has agreed to be baptized on April 14th. It's so great that after baptism, she will be able to have the Holy Ghost with her at all times. This was such a special moment for me and my companion, we felt such joy for Areli.

So this week has been such a trial and a blessing for me. It's so hard to have my companion be sister training leader because all of the sisters come to her when they need to talk and then I'm just kinda out of the loop. A few days this week, I've really had a hard time comparing myself to my companion and other missionaries and complaining about it too. I prayed through those hard times that I would be able to feel good and just worry about being my best. After I prayed, I was going to bed then I heard Hermana Wilson say "Hermana Hoth, are you okay?". I said yeah...but she knew something was up. She was able to say to me exactly what I needed to hear. I'm so grateful that the Lord works through other people to meet our needs. My heart was softened after that and all is well again!!

Elder Barry (our favorite Elder) & Sister Missionaries
We had a cool, almost real life experience, the other day. We were just sitting outside studying, when one of the employees came up and started talking to us. It was way fun to get to know her and basically hear her life story. Hermana Wilson and I were able to share a little message with her. I told her how important the work of a missionary is whether they are planting seeds of the gospel or harvesting. Then she said, "It's always important when it comes to Jesus." That was so neat. I love testifying of our Savior, Jesus Christ, everyday. I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing.

Our District's Spirit Animals
We have loved getting to know the new district. All of them are way cool. We all have so much fun's so great when you can share the gospel with your friends everyday! Haha after zone prayer every night, we always shake hands and say beunas noches. But our new, faviortie thing to do is give all the elders the dead fish handshake. It's so funny to see them freak out!
Haha...Elder Barry and Elder Tarone challenged Hermana wilson and me to a basketball game during our gym time. Since I'm basically the worst at basketball, it's a good thing sisters are only allowed to guard sisters. I was on Elder Barry's and Elder Johnson's team....we creamed. I mean...we would have creamed if we were allowed to keep points. They don't want things getting too competitive around here!;) Haha after that, Elder Tarone was making fun of Elder Barry saying something like "Elder Barry is the worst at basketball." Elder Barry's comeback was, "Get my name out of your mouth!!!" Hahaha. So funny.

Traffic Duty/ Welcoming Crew

So our teacher Hermano Ralphs shows us a video EVERY DAY. It kinda gets old...and he always says that it's his "favorite" video. How could every church video be your favorite? Anyways, one time he was coming into class and said that we are going to start with....Hermana Wilson turns to me and says "20 bucks its a video" and then I turn to her "20 bucks it's his favorite." We both won that bet.

Oh..we got to do traffic again this week when the new missionaries arrived. It was so cool...I got to see Kelsey Rounds right when she got dropped off. She gave me a huge hug! And I've also seen Sabrina Trimble...she just got here this week too. Aren't those bright yellow vests saweet??
So last funny story (well at least I think it's funny). Every night this week, Hermana Atendido has a MAJOR problem with snoring. It drives me's been a rough week. Haha sometimes I wake her up and tell her to stop, but that never works. So one early morning I was going to wake her up, but getting out of my bed, I got a bloody nose. Haha I came back and told her that when I was trying to wake her up she punched me. Haha, she totally believed it and felt super bad. I was pretty convincing...but don't worry...I told her eventually that it wasn't her fault. But the snoring needs to stop!;)

MTC District
Well, I will leave you all with a scripture I found this week that sums up my feelings perfectly. It is found in 1Ne 8:12. This verse is talking about the prophet Lehi and his vision of the tree of life. The fruit on the tree is the pure love of Christ. It says, "And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that is was desirable above all other fruit." Throughout my life and especially on my mission now, I have felt the pure love of Christ. The love that He has individually for me and for others. Because of Christ, we can overcome any challenge that we face in life. Because of Christ, we can find peace and joy in each moment. Because of Christ, we can be forgiven and feel clean. I challenge all of you to come to know your Savior, Jesus Christ, more and better this week. I am who I am because of Christ. I know He loves each of you...please partake of the pure love of Christ and find your purpose through Him. Love you all.
Love, Hermana Hoth

MTC District
MTC District & Teacher Hermano Ralphs holding sign (he served in Arizona)

MTC District & Teacher Hermana Estrada in the middle (she served in Chicago)

Hermana Wilson & Hermana Hoth

Brother and Sister Price

Emily is taking a little bit of her Dad's mission (Taiwan) and her Mom's mission (Iowa) with her wherever she goes :)

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