Friday, February 20, 2015


Hola everybody,

This has been a crazy few days, but at the same time it has been so fantastic!:) As soon as I was dropped off they rushed me a way through some lines and then to my classroom where I met my district and my companion! Mi companera es la Hermana Wilson! Haha, guess what...she's a cheerleader from USU! Haha. Sweet! But really, she is the sweetest Hermana out here! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing companion! Before I came out here, I was praying that I would love my companion. And guess worked! We are so similar and have lots of fun together! It's so great that we are going to the same mission too. Hopefully we will be companions later!

Hermana Wilson & Hermana Hoth

So while I have been here, I have seen Elder Ethan Hansen, Elder Tyler Stevenson, Sister Megan Weston, and a few other people I know from high school and college! It's so great to see familiar faces around here! Haha, so Elder Hansen gave me a little book that my mom dropped left with him right as I got dropped off. I tried telling him thank you, but it came out like this. "Thank you Ethan....I mean Sister....uh....Brother...oh....Elder!!!" Haha, by the time I finally got his name right, he was gone. Aw well, I get used to these new titles. It's weird not being called Emstar anymore! Nobody even knows my first name! That's okay...I'm proud to be Hermana Hoth!:)

This is for you, mom, there are 4 sisters in my district and 4 elders. My companion, Hermana Wilson is from Southern California, also lived in Boise. The other sisters that are in our district and that we share our room with are Hermana Otte and Hermana Atendido. The first one is from Texas and going to California. The second is from Philippines and going to Minnesota. The elders are Elder Tolton, Barry, Hirschi, and Armstrong. All of them are going to state side missions.In order their missions are Ogden UT, Oklahoma, somewhere, and Virginia. So me and my companion are the only ones going foreign!

Lessons are kind of rough right now and long since they only speak in Spanish, but I enjoy learning, and I think I'll pick up on it pretty soon! Right now I only really know how to introduce me and my companion, the church, and say a simple prayer! But hey, it's only day that's pretty good I guess!! Yesterday, during one of our classes, our zone leaders were supposed to show up and tell us what we were supposed to be doing. But they didn't. Sooooo....after me trying to convince them into doing the thing we were actually supposed to be doing, we had a 3 hour long language study. was actually really helpful. We have 3 red books that are our language studying books. One is big, one is medium, and one is small. So apparently, the teacher and the rest of the district decided to name them after Pokeman characters corresponding to their size. I thought that the Pokeman names that each of the books were given were the actual Spanish words for "big", "medium", and "small" district had a pretty good laugh about that. I guess I'm out of the loop!;)

Last night, we got to meet the mission President and his wife. President Price and Sister Price are amazing! Everyone here is so nice! Some elders are a little too nice...I've already been warned by some of the Hermanas in my zone of which elders to keep away from. That's sketchy! During President Price's talk, he told us that companions can do some weird things. He told us that his companion put his toothpaste in his mouth instead of on the toothbrush. It was a super funny story and Hermana Wilson got the giggles during it because apparently one of the elders in my district made a scrunched face that looked like a rat while he was laughing. She couldn't get that image out of her head, so I couldn't stop laughing either. So the President probably thinks we are just a bunch of giggling girls. OH well!;)

This morning we were able to do a session at the Provo temple! So that was really neat! I'm so grateful to be here on my mission! It's definitely hard, but I know that with the Lord I can do all things! He will help me through this time! I know that this gospel is the only true gospel..if it wasn't true...there wouldn't be so many 18 and 19 years old giving up 18 months/2 years of their life! I know that God hears and answers prayers! This is truly the work of the Lord, and He will help you if you're struggling. I have already needed so much help to make it through just 2 days! I hope all is going well for everyone!:) Love you all!

Hermana Hoth

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